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Indianapolis Product Destruction Service

Are you looking for product destruction services? PROSHRED® Indianapolis offers a holistic solution to protect your business’ information with our product destruction services. Our shredding services ensure that your branded materials, proprietary information, and any other important assets are securely destroyed. Not properly disposing of your assets could expose your company or brand to risks if it gets into the wrong hands. Our product destruction services will give you the peace of mind you need while protecting your business.

Proshred Indianapolis Product Desctruction

Your Top-Rated Product Destruction Company

Copyright & Brand Protection

Products that don’t meet your quality standards have a nasty habit of finding their way back onto the grey market. Items that should be considered for certified destruction include uniforms with brand identification, damaged goods, discontinued products, manufacturing overruns, obsolete inventory, blemished or off-spec items, promotional merchandise, seized counterfeit products, and unused or outdated product packaging.

What Can Be Destroyed?

  • Uniforms
  • Outdated Promotional Materials
  • Product recalls
  • Specialized Packaging
  • Gaming Chips
  • Defective items with Logos
  • Security Badges
  • Outdated Products
  • Trading cards / Playing Cards
  • Apparel
  • CD’s
Proshred Indianapolis Product Desctruction

Why Choose PROSHRED® Indianapolis For Product Destruction Services?

At PROSHRED®  Indianapolis, we take pride in our convenient, safe and secure shredding process. We take the same proven approach as we do for our paper shredding and hard drive destruction services, ensuring the safe and secure disposal of your confidential items. Additionally, we are the only On-Site Shredding company who abides by a double certification standard (ISO 9001 and NAID AAA), which guarantees maximum satisfaction and outstanding customer service.

PROSHRED® Indianapolis Offers Product Destruction Services

PROSHRED® Indianapolis has the extensive experience and professionalism needed to provide industry leading service to our customers.  Allow our team to work with you to ensure branded materials, proprietary information, and any other important assets are securely destroyed.

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