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Hard Drive Destruction

Computers are an essential part of how we do business today. From financial statements to emails and photos, your computer’s hard disk drive (HDD) is a trove of valuable private information. As one of the fastest growing crimes in Indianapolis, identity thieves are now targeting old, outdated technology and stripping it of personal data. When your computers, cell phones, and other devices are at the end of their life, it is important that the physical storage component (the HDD) is completely destroyed.

Deleting Your Data Isn’t Enough

Conscious tech users know that protecting their data is one of the most important things they can do on a daily basis. Unlike physical documents, hard drives contain thousands of highly sensitive pieces of information – meaning that a single breach can be catastrophic. What very few realize is that simply deleting your old data isn’t enough to keep hackers out. In fact, individuals skilled in data retrieval can easily access deleted material on your HDD or memory units. The ultimate defense is the physical destruction of these devices.

Total On-Site Destruction Guarantee

When you choose PROSHRED®, we use the industry’s most sophisticated technology to render your old devices irreparably destroyed. For any clients within 200 miles of the Indianapolis area, we can even arrive at your premises to complete the entire on-site mobile shredding process. Our industrial metal crushers can destroy up to 1000 hard drives per hour, meaning that this is a quick and efficient system, even if your entire office has upgraded computers. Once the hard drive is completely destroyed, we provide your business with a Certificate of Destruction to ensure that all electronic information is no longer accessible.

E-Waste Recycling and Compliance

As technology continues to change, more and more Indianapolis-based businesses are switching to PROSHRED®. Every week, our team goes through pounds worth of discarded devices that can never be simply thrown in the trash. In fact, federal regulations require that these devices be sent to a specialized e-waste recycling center. PROSHRED® Indianapolis has partnered with metal and electronics processing firms around the state to ensure this technology is properly disposed.


Our PROSHRED® Indianapolis team has developed this great video to show you how the hard drive destruction process works. Enjoy!


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