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Hard-Drive Destruction

Computers are an essential part of how we do business today. From financial statements to emails and photos, your computer’s hard disk drive (HDD) is a trove of valuable private information. As one of the fastest-growing crimes in Indianapolis, identity thieves are now targeting old, outdated technology and stripping it of personal data. When your computers, cell phones, and other devices are at the end of their life, it is important that the physical storage component (the HDD) is completely destroyed. Get a Quote

Why Shred Obsolete Hard Drives?

Most businesses understand the risk they can incur with a leak of their printed documents – but it is also crucial to destroy this information at the source:  their computer hard drives.  Conscious tech users know that protecting their data is one of the most important things they can do on a daily basis. Unlike physical documents, hard drives contain thousands of highly sensitive pieces of information – meaning that a single breach can be catastrophic.  Simply deleting your old data isn’t enough to keep hackers out. In fact, individuals skilled in data retrieval can easily access deleted material on your drives or memory units. The ultimate defense is the physical destruction of these devices.

Certified Process for Hard Drive Destruction

When you choose PROSHRED® Indianapolis, we use a certified process to ensure that your old hard drives are irreparably destroyed. For any clients within 200 miles of the Indianapolis area, we can arrive on-site at your premises to complete the entire hard drive shredding process. Our industrial metal crushers can destroy up to 300 hard drives per hour, meaning that this is a quick and efficient system, even if your entire office has upgraded computers. Our team will capture the serial number of each hard drive while you witness the hard drive shredding first-hand.  Once the hard drive destruction is complete, our trucks will deliver the e-waste to an electronics recycling facility for proper disposal.

Why Choose On-Site Hard Drive Destruction?

Do you know what happens to your obsolete hard drives once they leave your facility?  Protect your confidential electronic data the most secure way possible:  by selecting on-site hard drive shredding.  Indianapolis-based PROSHRED® Security offers you numerous services for your peace of mind:  the hard drive destruction can be video-taped; your old drives can be destroyed on a regularly scheduled basis at your facility; and you can witness the complete physical destruction of every component of your obsolete data as it is shredded in front of you.

PROSHRED® Indianapolis Offers Convenient Hard-Drive Destruction Service

PROSHRED® Indianapolis has the extensive experience and professionalism needed to provide industry leading service to our customers.  Allow our team to work with you in customizing an on-going shredding program for your needs.

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