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Everything that we shred is delivered directly to a paper company for recycling.  Once our shredders destroy each document, the shredded pieces of each document are mixed with up to 7 tons of other shredded pieces of paper in the locked storage areas of our truck.  These shredded pieces are then combined into a bale and delivered directly to a paper mill where they’re used to make other paper products.

No. Any metal fasteners, such as staples, paper clips, binder clips, etc., or hanging file folders with the metal strips across the top, can be shred with your paper documents.  As described above, once the paper mill receives the shredded pieces of paper from our shred trucks, they turn these pieces of paper into a liquid pulp. Once in liquid form, all of the metal that is included in the shredded paper will sink to the bottom and can be easily removed before completing the recycling process.

Yes. We can shred any of these types of media. However, we cannot shred these at the same time as we’re shredding paper documents. These plastic based items will have to be destroyed by themselves and we have several options for doing this. Please contact us at 317-578-3650 to discuss your specific needs and we’ll gladly provide the options that will work best for you.

All of our shred trucks have cameras that are mounted above our shredders.  Any of our clients are welcome to stand at the side of our truck and watch the actual shredding of their documents through the monitors mounted on each truck.  Most of our trucks can shred up to 3 tons of paper in an hour, so it won’t take long to watch all of your documents being destroyed. 

Absolutely.  However, we use a specialized truck that is exclusively used for hard drive destruction.  We are the only company in State of Indiana that has this type of mobile shredding equipment.  We can shred approximately 300 drives an hour.  And, as with our paper shredding service, all of the shredded material is then delivered to a recycler for complete reprocessing.   Please note – shredding hard drives is a very good practice.  What good is it to shred the printed output of a computer but not shredding the device where all of your printed documents are stored? 

We actually provide two types of document destruction services. The first is designed to destroy those confidential documents that every individual (e.g. tax returns, bank statements, etc.) and business (e.g. invoices, financial reports, etc.) must keep for certain periods of time. Our clients can either bring these documents to us or have us send a shred truck to them for shredding. If our clients bring there documents to us, our prices start at $10. If we send a shred truck to our client’s location, our prices start at $95. There are several factors that will ultimately affect our prices for a One-Time Purge and we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss any individual’s needs and provide a firm quote for these service.

The second type of service is designed for clients that want to make sure that all confidential documents that are generated within their business are completely destroyed before these documents ever leave their premises. With this On-going Shredding Service, we will provide locked security containers for your business. Then, any confidential document to be destroyed can be placed in these containers. We then schedule a regular service cycle, ranging from every week to every other month.  Our employees will empty the contents of your security container and shred all of those documents in your parking lot.  Our prices for this service start at $45.

All of Proshred shredding services are performed onsite, at your location.  Nothing leaves your premises until it’s completely destroyed.   Additionally, you can witness the entire process, providing the peace of mind that your business stays your business.  

Although it is very important to get advice about your particular situation from legal professionals, a person’s identity still continues, even after death.   Destroying documents which contain confidential information of the deceased reduces the risk of their identity being used inappropriately. 

In general, most laminated documents can be shred.  However, please discuss the details with us before making the final decision. 

It is always a good idea to destroy any documents which contain names, addresses and any personally identifiable information.   Although there is only a relatively small risk of someone getting just your name and address and using that information inappropriately, the impact if it happens can be significant.   Taking the time to eliminate this small risk can certainly make it harder for someone to do you harm. 

There is no one answer for all business documents.   We encourage you to get professional advice from your accounting professional before deciding which documents to keep and which to destroy.

In general, any information that can be used to identify a patient should be shred.   However, HIPAA is a very complex Federal Government statute.   It is very important for any Covered Entity to discuss your specific documents with a trained professional that is knowledgeable of HIPAA’s requirements and your Practice.

On-site shredding is when a PROSHRED® Indianapolis mobile shredding truck shreds your sensitive documents on your premises. Off-site shredding is when your documents are shredded away from your business location.

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