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Mobile Document Shredding for Scheduled Clients

If your business regularly prints and throws away a large amount of confidential paperwork, then you are an ideal candidate for scheduled shredding service. The PROSHRED® team will develop a custom security strategy to meet the destruction needs of your business. Need us to come by once a week? What about once a month? Our team will set up prearranged service dates so you never have to leave the comfort of your own office. The hassle-free PROSHRED® system doesn’t require you to sign a contract – just call us with any changes or adjustments to your service calendar.

Request a PROSHRED® Security Audit

Countless clients have affirmed that PROSHRED® has boosted the overall efficiency of their office. Businesses report that employees no longer waste time in front of the shredder or painstakingly spend time removing staples from documents. We can replicate these same results in your office too with a custom security audit. A PROSHRED® team member will examine the size of your staff and paperwork volume to determine the frequency of shredding appointments and number of executive disposal consoles your business needs.

Standing Behind a Team of Experts

For two and half decades, PROSHRED® has paved the way for the business security in and around central Indiana. Our entire staff is bonded, background checked, and picture-identified to ensure the total security of your confidential documents. Our system is nationally recognized with ISO 9001:2008 certifications and an unbeatable AAA rating from the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

Legislative Compliance

There are dozens of national regulations that mandate customer and employee confidentiality at all times. The State of Indiana, as well, has further expanded upon these regulations, even issuing millions of dollars worth of hefty fines when businesses don’t comply. With safe, certified document shredding, your business can have the peace of mind that private records never fall into the wrong hands.


Do you bulk shred once or twice a year? Well stop and switch to on-going service!


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What People Are Saying About PROSHRED®

Customer service is excellent. I emailed via the website, received a automatically generated email within five minutes informing me that someone would contact me soon. I went on break for ten minutes, came back, and had a voicemail from Ken. My office had it's shred bin within 18 hours of my email, now we are on our way to cleaning up and out of a lot of unnecessary documents. Thanks a bunch Ken!!

- Howard W.

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