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February 21, 2018

Document Shredding in Milwaukee: Which Service is Right for you?

How to Pick the Right Professional Document Shredding Service to Fit Your Needs

In the age of information, data is the lifeblood of many businesses. Keeping this information safe during its life cycle is critical to customer safety and legal compliance. To ensure proper handling of your sensitive documents and data, it is important to maintain a secure chain of custody throughout the disposal process. It is also important to employ security-cleared, competent, and third-party certified disposal professionals to ensure consistent results. At PROSHRED® Milwaukee, we strive to meet and exceed these conditions. To this end, we offer our customers ISO-9001 certified procedures, end-to-end security measures, and background-checked, bonded staff members.


The Importance of Professional Document Disposal Protocols

Data, in its many forms, is under constant assault from forces dedicated to information and identity theft. To protect vital corporate, personal, legal, and medical documentation, it is vital to employ tested, certified, experienced, and environmentally conscious data disposal professionals. At PROSHRED® Milwaukee, we fit the bill in every way.

Procedures and staff members are certified by the International Organization for Standards (ISO) accredited third-party auditors. These standards help to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of member organizations.

Our delivery personnel are bonded and security-vetted, not to mention specially trained to strict legal and technical standards. Disposal experts operate our mobile fleet of shredding trucks and provide personal, on-site document and data destruction services. We strive to maximize transparency by equipping our vehicles with closed-circuit surveillance systems that are available to our clients for live observation of document shredding and destruction.

To expedite the disposal of your documents, we equip our vehicles with piece and tear disposal machines capable of processing 9,000 lbs. of documentation per hour. For larger tasks, we field single-shaft grinders that granulate your paper at rates of up to 30,000 lbs. per hour. For good measure, we also securely and permanently dispose of your waste hard disk drives.


PROSHRED® Document Shredding Milwaukee: Door to Door Service

At PROSHRED® Milwaukee, our mission is to provide you with documented chain-of-custody data disposal services. To achieve our mission, we are happy to offer your organization a host of disposal related services designed to make your job easier.


To take advantage of our experience, high-standards, technology, and professionalism, contact us today for a fast, free estimate. At PROSHRED® Milwaukee, taking the document-disposal burden off of your shoulders is our mission. Call today (262) 289-1212 to create your customizable plan for secure document shredding today.

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