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November 13, 2016

How Ashburn, North Virginia Businesses Should Be Dealing With Sensitive Documents

As an Ashburn, North Virginia business owner, you most likely deal with lots of pieces of paper containing confidential information about your business. Sometimes this information is needed for only a short period of time since technology is making it possible for your company to capture and save information electronically so you can save a lot of physical space. However, these small pieces of paper should never just be thrown out fully intact because if they fall into the wrong hands they could lead to a lot of trouble for you, your business and your business.

What Criminals Can Do With Sensitive Information?

Stolen information could lead to identity theft which could leave one of your employees or a client with a terrible debt or worse. A bank statement can lead to an account hacking, sensitive business information could lead to terrible cases, such as identity theft and blackmail. No Ashburn, North Virginia business should ever just toss out paper in the trash. It is each and every company’s responsibility to deal with wasted paper professionally so their clients will be completely protected.

The Best Way for Ashburn, North Virginia Businesses to Destroy Documents Securely

Ashburn, North Virginia businesses should not just throw their documents out. You should hire a professional shredding company to help you destroy your documents securely. By teaming up with PROSHRED® Northern Virginia, we will come directly to your business location to shred all of your confidential information using our state-of-the-art shred trucks. Once the paperwork is shredded, we will supply you with a Certificate of Destruction proof that the documents are in fact destroyed.  Once the documents have been destroyed, we will take the discarded paper to recyclers where the documents will be turned into new paper products.

PROSHRED® is flexible enough to suit any business

You can arrange for daily, weekly or monthly shredding services with PROSHRED® and our shred technicians will be there at a time convenient to you to deal with all of your unwanted paperwork in the best and most secure way possible. With PROSHRED®, your company and all of your sensitive information will be completely secure.

For more information on how PROSHRED® can assist your Ashburn, North Virginia business with our document shredding services, call us at (571) 262-7620.

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