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Secure Aston Document Destruction

PROSHRED® specializes in paper shredding and hard drive destruction in Aston. Our highest priority is keeping our customer information safe and providing affordable, convenient, customized solutions, whether residential or commercial, to destroy their private information in the most secure way possible. This service not only helps remote workers, organizations and businesses both large and small to maintain legislative compliance but also protects their reputation and public image. Information leaks are all but inevitable in today’s world, but protecting yourself can be as easy as using secure document destruction and electronic waste recycling services to ensure your confidential information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. If you’re looking for secure Aston document destruction services, look no further than PROSHRED®. Give us a call today and let us show you why we’re the world leader in shredding services.

Aston On-Going Service

If your office is throwing away all of its unwanted and outdated paper documents or putting them straight in a recycling bin, you’re opening your business, employees and customers up to identity theft and information leaks. Regular and professionally scheduled document destruction is the only secure way to dispose of sensitive data. With PROSHRED®, scheduled mobile document shredding in Aston has never been easier. When you sign up for on-going service, you’re taking the first steps toward creating an efficient, secure solution for shredding all of your business documents. We’ll evaluate your shredding needs to find the most effective schedule for mobile shredding services. We place secure shredding bins in convenient locations throughout your office or warehouse, and our Customer Service Professionals will come to your site on as often as multiple times a week, to as infrequently as quarterly, for on-site shredding.

Information Destruction Service

Plant-Based Shredding in Aston

PROSHRED® strives to provide customized solutions when, where, and how you need us. Sometimes, a business environment will be too hectic to allow for on-site shredding to be the most effective and hassle-free option. With our Aston plant-based shredding service, you can have flexibility and versatility in shredding solutions for your business. If you regularly need large volumes of paper shredded, plant-based shredding is the way to go. We’ll still pick up your documents from your business location, but instead of shredding the documents on-site, they will be securely transported to our facility to be shredded in one of our large industrial shredding machines. This frees you up to focus on the day-to-day work of your business without interruptions. Our facility is monitored 24/7 with surveillance, employees are drug-screened, background checked, and fully certified under NAID AAA requirements, so you can rest assured that your documents are being destroyed in a secure environment that protects the sensitive nature of your information.

Your Source for Hard Drive Destruction

We’re more than just paper shredding at PROSHRED® Philadelphia. Customers can also take advantage of our hard drive destruction services to not only clear up clutter created by unwanted hard drives, but also to ensure any sensitive information stored on those hard drives is completely destroyed. Simply erasing data from a hard drive does not mean the data is unrecoverable; a hard drive must be physically destroyed in order for that information to be inaccessible to potential hackers. If your company is undergoing a technology upgrade or you’re trying to get rid of a surfeit of old hard drives, our mobile hard drive destruction services are perfect for you. We’ll pick up your items, or shred them on site, and you can even watch the process live should you opt for on-site hard drive destruction. Following service, you’ll be sent a list of each hard drive’s unique serial number for reconciliation and your records. Then, the shredded materials are sent to a secure electronic recycling facility for further processing. Having electronics properly disposed of and recycled is not only a good sustainable habit to create, but it’s also best practices to keep sensitive company information from being accessed by others.

Hard Drive Destruction

Contact Us for Aston Document Destruction

At PROSHRED®, our team is here for you and all of your Aston document destruction needs. Our mobile shred truck fleet can handle your paper shredding and hard drive destruction jobs with ease, and our friendly technicians are ready to assist you however they can. We’ll set up a custom shredding program that fits your needs and helps keep your business compliant. Give us a call today!

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