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October 19, 2016

5 Ways Mobile Shredding Services Benefit a Business

Every day, businesses handle thousands of documents, many of which include sensitive information. The documents range from employee records to proprietary information such as drawings or documents detailing company processes. When sensitive documents get into the wrong hands, competitors can gain an unfair advantage or customer financial data can get exposed, resulting in major legal liabilities for the company. To comply with legal requirements such as FACTA and HIPAA, and to protect their client’s, employee’s and company’s sensitive information, it is wise to consider utilizing a mobile shredding service.


A good reason to use a mobile shredding service includes convenience. Businesses that opt for this service do not have to rely on employees to remember to shred documents. Instead, the employees just need to remember to dispose of important documents in special containers provided by the mobile shredding service.

In addition to benefiting employees, a mobile shredding service wastes less time and resources. The business does not have to spend much time training or supervising employees. Employees just simply drop the documents in a special container and the shredding company picks up the container on a set schedule.

Reduce Liabilities

Another reason companies should opt for mobile shredding services is to reduce legal liabilities. Some laws such as FACTA and HIPAA have severe penalties for non-compliance. The fines could be thousands of dollars, which can really hurt small businesses. Using a mobile shredding service ensures that documents are destroyed according to standards like ISO-9001. Most of the shredding companies also have special designations such as ISO-9001 and NAID AAA certifications. Plus, many services that engage in proper document destruction provide certificates that provide a record of document destruction. The company can use these certificates to prove that they have satisfied their obligations to destroy sensitive information and reduce liabilities.

Cost Effective

By outsourcing document destruction to mobile shredding services, businesses can save a great deal of money and time. With a mobile shredding service, companies won’t have to train or monitor their employees with respect to document destruction. Moreover, using mobile shredding services helps to ensure legal compliance resulting in less legal costs and more savings. For a few cents per pound, shredding companies will properly dispose of sensitive documents making the service even more worthwhile.


In addition to cost savings, a onsite shredding service can also help benefit businesses because it is a secure service overall. Many shredding service companies put extensive security protocols into place to retain certifications such as NAID AAA.  Only one mobile destruction company, Proshred Security, has achieved its ISO 9001:2008 certification across its operations, further enhancing its quality processes and secure procedures. These certifications include thorough and intensive background checks of employees working for shredding companies. Mobile shredding companies also have defined processes outlining destruction of documents. In many cases, they have a hands free service approach and employees of shredding companies are unable to view the disposed documents.

Digital Media Included

Businesses today are often storing many of their documents on digital media such as USB sticks, hard drives, and CDs. Many mobile shredding services not only take care of service sensitive paper documents, they can also help remove sensitive information from and properly destroy digital media.


Hackers are stealing personal information or leaking secrets to competitors often, therefore it is now more important than ever for businesses to safeguard sensitive information. Instead of relying on employees to properly dispose of sensitive data, companies should employ a mobile shredding service to save both time and money, and most importantly stay as secure and compliant as possible!

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