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5 Tips To Protecting Your Data While Commuting

Whether they’re commuting to and from the office or traveling for business, many people find themselves working on the go in today’s business world. While this flexibility can be great for productivity, it also poses some serious security risks for companies. After all, paperwork and electronic devices often contain sensitive information that shouldn’t fall into

Here’s What You Should, and Shouldn’t, Put in a PROSHRED® Shredding Bin

Providing secure shredding bins to our customers who sign up for regularly scheduled shredding services is one of the benefits of working with us, as well as one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your confidential information. We encourage our customers to place these bins throughout the office where employees can readily

Why Your Business Needs Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

For any business that stores private or personal information on servers or computer systems, having the proper data destruction methods are a must. As technology continues to improve, many businesses are transitioning to data storage via cloud-based applications and stepping away from traditional hard drive storage. Even when a company has not made that transition,

What You Need To Know About Home Office Shredding in 2021

With many people working from home after the events of 2020 changed how businesses conduct everyday tasks, remote employees now carry more responsibility than ever. It is up to these team members to stay organized in their home office, as well as maintain the security of company information. While it is necessary for remote workers

HIPAA Guidelines for Shredding Services

Perhaps the most crucial documents containing personal, yet vital, information would be those used by hospitals and medical facilities. These items can contain a wide range of data, primarily in regards to any patient who has used these establishments. While this information is necessary to have, in order for medical professionals to properly care for

No-Contact Safe Shredding During COVID-19

Safe Safe Shredding during Covid-19

In these uncertain and often stressful times, PROSHRED® Southern New Jersey is taking steps to comply with current CDC guidelines during COVID-19 while still destroying your business’s information securely. Staying home during these challenging times presents an opportunity to clean out old documents that have been piling up in the office. A one-time shred service

How You Should Organize Your Business’ Waste

In any business, it’s important to stay organized. And sometimes, that means you have to go beyond file folders and wall calendars. Organizing your waste, as odd as it may sound, is an often overlooked opportunity to improve sustainability, streamline operations, and reduce costs. It can also keep you from running afoul of local and

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