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Do you run or operate a business from home? Does your company have a handful of employees that work at their own residences? If so, you are part of an exciting new trend of more and more employees working from the comfort of their own home. At the same time though, this means that important documents are more likely than ever to leave the office. The security of confidential documents should always be maintained, even at home.

Southern NJ has a wealth of small businesses that are operated independently in residential areas. Many of these businesses recognize that financial records, invoices, and personal information can be catastrophic if they fall into the wrong hands. When documents are haphazardly thrown in the trash, they can be easily recovered by prying hands, costing your business thousands to recover stolen information. As an investment in the future, many of these businesses hire a professional shredding company to properly destroy this private information.

Of course, many home businesses have simply opted for expensive at-home shredders, only to be met with dismay. These machines are prone to breakdowns, paper jams, and all kinds of unexpected headaches. It might be time to call a professional shredding company instead – one that guarantees complete and total destruction of confidential documents with industry-leading technology and employees.

PROSHRED®  Southern New Jersey is the answer to hundreds of small business security concerns in the greater Southern NJ area. From Cape May to Princeton, our team has helped countless small businesses protect their private information.

Our state-of-the-art shredding process starts with on-site disposal. Our team can conveniently schedule an appointment directly at your residence so that you receive the firsthand guarantee of document destruction. PROSHRED® uses a fleet of high-tech trucks outfitted with industrial grade shredders. No longer will you have to stand in front of the shredder with hundreds of sheets of paper.

Identity theft and fraud are always huge concerns for young businesses. That’s precisely why we offer the services we do at an affordable rate and convenient at-home process. For even small amounts of paperwork, you can always come by our Southern NJ office for drop-off shredding, too.

Call PROSHRED® today to find out how your small business can benefit from at-home shredding.

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What People Are Saying About PROSHRED®

Had we not called Proshred to come to our home to shred nearly twenty years worth of documents, we would have been shredding those documents for, well, another twenty years in our little office shredder. Two Proshred technicians come to our home, loaded over ten boxes of documents into their bin, wheeled the bin to their shredding truck and within three minutes the documents were securely shredded before our eyes. The technicians were accommodating and the whole procedure took all of five minutes... Proshred can come to your home and the documents are securely shredded in minutes--for a reasonable price. I strongly recommend Proshred. Dave.

- Dave

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