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PROSHRED Southern New Jersey services the business industry

Business Shredding

Today’s business environment is replete with dozens of regulations about customer privacy. Especially in light of enormous security breaches that have occurred in the past year, it is more important than ever to safeguard sensitive documentation.

PROSHRED Southern New Jersey services the medical industry

Medical Record Shredding and Destruction Services

Healthcare providers and medical professionals have a unique responsibility in protecting the personal information of their patients. Every member of a medical office is entrusted with safeguarding these confidential records against unwarranted intrusion. Document destruction shouldn’t be an afterthought in the medical field, but an integral part of your practices, policies, and operations

PROSHRED Southern New Jersey services the financial industry

Financial Record Shredding in Southern NJ

Companies in the financial services industry are trusted with the confidential information of hundreds of clients. While a great deal of this information is now stored electronically, dozens (if not hundreds) of sheets of paper are printed everyday. In the wrong hands, you and your clients could find yourselves in the midst of a lawsuit or the victim of bank fraud.

PROSHRED Southern New Jersey services the legal industry

Legal Document Shredding Services for Southern NJ Clients

The reputation and success of a law firm are predicated on mutual trust between your office and its clients. A cornerstone of that trust is client privacy – they expect that their legal documents and records are uniquely trusted in your firm’s hands. Law offices, therefore, have a significant responsibility to maintain confidentiality throughout every step of the legal process. Even years-old documents should be properly discarded as to guarantee client privacy at all times.

PROSHRED Southern New Jersey services the home office industry

Home Office Shredding for Southern NJ Businesses

Do you run or operate a business from home? Does your company have a handful of employees that work at their own residences? If so, you are part of an exciting new trend of more and more employees working from the comfort of their own home. At the same time though, this means that important documents are more likely than ever to leave the office. The security of confidential documents should always be maintained, even at home.

PROSHRED Southern New Jersey services the residential industry

Residential Shredding Services for Southern NJ Homeowners

Identity theft affects nearly 10 million people a year. That means every 2 seconds someone is a victim of identity fraud. While much of this information is stolen online, a huge proportion is stolen through old-fashioned paper documents. In other words, millions of people erroneously dispose of private information by throwing it away in the trash or misplacing it, where it, unfortunately, falls into criminal hands.

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Had we not called Proshred to come to our home to shred nearly twenty years worth of documents, we would have been shredding those documents for, well, another twenty years in our little office shredder. Two Proshred technicians come to our home, loaded over ten boxes of documents into their bin, wheeled the bin to their shredding truck and within three minutes the documents were securely shredded before our eyes. The technicians were accommodating and the whole procedure took all of five minutes... Proshred can come to your home and the documents are securely shredded in minutes--for a reasonable price. I strongly recommend Proshred. Dave.

- Dave

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