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June 30, 2016

Common In-House Paper Shredding Mistakes

There are many reasons why your Southern New Jersey Company should secure the services of a professional document shredding company. Cost savings and security are just two of them. The biggest, however, is to avoid a number of common mistakes that can open you up to fraud, theft and even violations of the law. Here’s a look at a few common in-house paper shredding mistakes that can be avoided by outsourcing your services to a Southern New Jersey document shredding company.

Maintenance Issues

Shredders need to be up-kept, cleaned and oiled on a regular basis. It’s very rare for this to happen when you’re doing the job in-house. Unless it’s part of your maintenance and janitorial crew’s regular duties, the shredder tends to just sit between uses, gathering dust and dirt that can cause the machinery to simply fall into disrepair. A professional Southern New Jersey shredding service always has equipment in prime working condition.

Improper Shredding

Non-traditional materials like credit cards, computer disks and the like require specialized equipment. When you do this in-house, your shredder likely can’t properly handle them. Yet, those you assign to the duties may feed them through anyway. This can result not only in inadequate document destruction, but serious damage to your machinery. Outsourcing allows you access to all the specialized equipment needed to handle everything from paper to hard drives.


Most personal shredders aren’t designed to deal with constant use. They’re for home use, taking care of old bills and the like. It’s likely that your company has lots of bulk files that need to be handled and your shredder could easily not be up to the job. Using these machines all the time can result in jams and breaking down. This is not the case with the bulk equipment used by a professional Southern New Jersey shredding service, which is designed to handle large-scale destruction.

Scheduling Issues

Let’s face it—shredding documents in house requires you to deal with taking time out of your normal and busy routine to destroy confidential information. There will be occasions when you feel you just don’t have the time for it and it goes undone. At this point, enter legal compliance issues. With an outsourced firm, all you need do is make a phone call—the service will handle the rest and provide savings in the cost of your time!


Nobody wants to deal with workers’ compensation claims, but shredder accidents are sadly all too common. Employees may not be paying attention and can get clothing or even fingers caught in the shredder. They might decide to take a breakdown into their own hands, resulting in injury from repair efforts.
Keep your employees safe while protecting the security of your confidential information by using a professional Southern New Jersey document shredding company. These professionals are trained and bonded, and know how to avoid accidents. They also carry their own workers’ compensation insurance!

Are you ready to secure the services of a Southern New Jersey document shredding company? If so, ProShred can offer the best in quality, security and customer service. For answers to any questions or to schedule an appointment, call us today.

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