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August 16, 2021

Reasons to Hire a Professional Shredding Service

Professional Shredding Service

The need to secure and dispose of documents containing sensitive information is more critical than ever. Lawyers, doctors, and other service providers or business owners who regularly work with sensitive information for clients—from legal findings, to social security numbers, to addresses with credit card information, to protected health information—all have a huge responsibility to those clients to protect that sensitive information from those who would do harm if they had it.

One solution to protect customer and business information from theft or fraud is regular shredding. Shredding makes it so much harder to get anything usable out of your trash that the bad guys move on, looking for easier targets. This is just one example of the benefits of hiring a professional shredding service; we can think of a few other reasons, too!

Protect Your Confidential Customer Information

As we’ve discussed, a professional shredding service can help protect confidential customer information from being stolen. When you throw away documents containing customer information such as credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and other data, you’re putting that information at risk, not only from potential thieves, but also within your own organization.

Even though you’ve fully vetted and interviewed all of your employees, there is always a chance that someone might not be fully honest and look for any opportunity to take advantage of their position within your company or organization. That’s why it’s important to keep confidential information securely stored away so that only those who absolutely need to access it can, and those who don’t need the information in order to do their jobs don’t have access to anything they shouldn’t.


Secure Your Sensitive Company Information

Along the same lines, if you manage or own a large or small business, you likely have documents in your possession that could be damaging to your financial state or to your reputation if they were to fall into the wrong hands, including your competition. With a professional shredding service, you can ensure that any time you need to get rid of documents, you have a solution that will securely destroy those documents, without any risk of them being reassembled and used against you.

Secure Shredding Service
Record Shredding Southern New Jersey

Keep Your Office Organized and Free of Clutter, Paperwork

One of the advantages of having a regularly scheduled, on-going shredding service at your disposal is the ability to keep on top of cleaning out clutter and old files on a regular basis. If you have filing cabinets full of documents that need to be disposed of, a professional shredding service can make quick work of clearing out those papers and allow you to reclaim office space.

If you have a large amount of documents, or potentially even a warehouse full of documents to get rid of, you can also schedule a one-time cleanout shredding service or purge shredding service, where you can get rid of a bulk amount of papers at one time. At PROSHRED®, our mobile shredding trucks make this process easy by driving to your location and performing all shredding on the spot. Our industrial shredding machines can handle large volumes of paper in a short amount of time, making a task that would otherwise take several days or perhaps weeks to complete take just a few hours.


Ditch Costly, Noisy Paper Shredding Machines

If you manage a busy office, you might not have time, resources, or the facilities to do on-the- spot shredding. Office shredders can be noisy, time-consuming to operate, and costly to purchase and maintain. Not to mention all of the lost time your employees could be spending doing more productive tasks other than shredding. If this sounds like you, you need a firm that can help. PROSHRED® offers affordable mobile shredding and drop-off shredding services throughout Southern New Jersey, and security assessment services to find out what your security needs might be. Depending on the size of your operation, you might need more or less security containers or shredding bins, which would get picked up either daily, weekly, or monthly for shredding services.


Get Secure Professional Shredding Services from PROSHRED®

If you’re looking to protect customer and business information, keep your office free of piles of paperwork, and get rid of your cumbersome office shredder, professional shredding services are the solution for you. PROSHRED® Southern New Jersey is an independent information destruction franchise that adheres to ISO 9001 protocols and NAID AAA standards as well as the national standard set down by the nationwide chain. All national, state, and local standards are met or exceeded, and we are dedicated to helping our clients keep client and consumer data protected by shredding their personal information in a timely fashion. Don’t get caught in a data protection breach—get secure paper shredding services today and keep private information private.

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