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June 30, 2016

Recycling Shredded Paper

Many people in New Jersey wonder what to do with shredded paper after they have destroyed sensitive documents. There are tons of excellent and creative ways to reuse the material, but some simply want to be green by recycling the paper. There are a number of issues that go along with this, but it is possible if you are willing to put in a bit of effort. Here’s a look at how using a qualified Southern New Jersey shredding service can help you recycle shredded paper from your destroyed documents and files.

Can It Be Recycled?

It is possible to recycle shredded paper in Southern NJ, but there are a few procedures that go along with it. Recycled paper is ground up and turned into new paper, but in order to do this, the paper must be turned back into pulp, spread onto a screen, and allowed to dry. This process relies upon the fibers in the paper, which help to bind the pulp together and allow it to stick to the screen.

Shredded paper has shortened fibers which don’t bind as effectively and have a tougher time adhering to the screen. However, if it is shredded to the right size and doesn’t include contaminants like plastic bags, it can be recyclable.

Is it a Security Risk?

Recycling paper is not generally considered a security risk. When you use a Southern New Jersey shredding service, document destruction ensures that sensitive information won’t be released. Your service should not only ensure that documents are thoroughly and properly destroyed before recycling, but will give you a certificate of destruction so you have evidence of legal compliance.

Finding a Recycling Service

Again, not all Southern New Jersey recycling services will accept shredded paper, and those that do may require a certain size for the shreds. Scouring phone books and the Internet to find a recycling service can take up as much (if not more) time as having your staff shred paper for you. This harms your bottom line by requiring staff to focus their abilities in areas away from their primary job responsibilities.

You may think that it’s worth it to be environmentally friendly, and certainly a green approach is a great way to go, but there are simpler solutions which can make sure you stay green while saving money at the same time. You can have the best of both worlds!

Southern New Jersey Shredding Service

If you are looking to recycle those destroyed documents, save money and ensure that your information is securely disposed of, call on a certified Southern New Jersey paper shredding service.

A document shredding company can take care of all of your document destruction needs right on site, where you can have control over your files the entire time and watch the process occur right in front of you. Then, when it’s done, the shredding company will deliver the scraps to the proper recycling center for you, to ensure that all of the waste is reused and recycled.

If you need a great Southern New Jersey shredding service, PROSHRED has a long tradition of excellence in customer service. Give us a call for more information about document destruction services or to schedule an appointment today.

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