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June 30, 2016

Safeguarding Your Tax Records

Keep Your Tax Records Secure

Tax season doesn’t hit for a few months yet, but businesses have to be constantly cognizant of their records and documents. Financial records are some of the most sensitive information a Southern New Jersey business has, and are a prime target for identity theft and corporate espionage. One can never be too careful when ensuring that old tax records are properly destroyed. Let’s learn about how a professional shredding service can safeguard your information and protect your peace of mind.

Keeping Tax Records Organized

There are several steps you can take to ensure that you are protecting your confidential tax records from identity theft and corporate espionage. The key is being thorough and efficient. The better organized your financial records are, the better you will be able to watch for missing items or unusual activity. In addition, keeping your tax records organized will allow you to be better prepared for the next filing season.

Finally, when you secure the services of a Southern New Jersey shredding document shredding service to dispose of old information, the process of gathering old files together will be more efficient. Additionally, you’ll run less of a risk of accidentally destroying important information.

Filing Your Taxes Early

Hackers look for people to make mistakes when they file at the last minute. By filing your taxes early, you can take your time and be careful not to make any errors or accidentally dispose of important information. Better yet, you’ll get your money sooner when tax time comes.

Securely File Your Taxes

There are a couple of absolute “don’ts” when it comes to filing your tax paperwork. First, never just drop these files in a mailbox. Instead, take them directly to your Southern New Jersey post office and send these documents via first-class certified mail. Second, never use public Internet services, like a library or a wireless connection, to send your mail electronically. Use a wired Ethernet connection if at all possible. These efforts will reduce the likelihood of an unsavory source intercepting your paperwork.

In addition, most correspondence you’ll have with the IRS will come via old-fashioned snail mail paper documents. The IRS will never call you and request personal information, nor ask you to click links from within the body of an email. If there’s any question about whether you are talking to the IRS, call them to confirm and source the number yourself.

Destroy Old Tax Records

The time will come when you want to clear out your business’s old tax records. The law is very specific about the destruction of confidential information, and trying to do this yourself is not advisable. The process is time-consuming, and the risk of making a mistake is high. It is much better to secure the services of a Southern New Jersey shredding service.

Shredding companies employ bonded security professionals to ensure all of your documents are completely destroyed and you remain not only legally compliant, but safe. There are many options available, from one-time shreds to regularly scheduled pickups or on-site shredding services. If you need help with this, consider PROSHRED® Southern New Jersey. We are here to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today to get started on handling your secure document disposal needs. 1-856-336-2820

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