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June 30, 2016

Why use a Professional Document Shredder

Many businesses in Southern New Jersey turn to in-house shredding policies thinking it will save them money, be faster and provide more control over sensitive information. There’s something to be said for wanting to save money and increase security. The truth, however, is that using the services of a qualified paper shredding service can improve security and save money as well as carrying other benefits. Here’s a look at why you should use a professional document shredder for your Southern New Jersey business.

Convenience over Cost Savings

Many businesses think in-house shredding with a small bin shredder offers convenience. Some time can be spent daily, weekly or monthly by on-site staff to shred documents as needed. This may certainly be true but consider the time your Southern New Jersey staff spends shredding documents is time that they are not spending on their other duties.

Not only does this decrease the efficiency of your business, it can increase costs. You’re paying employees for the extra time it takes to shred documents. Why not save the overhead and payroll while leveraging the services of an outsourced professional document shredder?

In-House Risks

There are other risks involved with shredding documents in-house. Not only are you removing employee focus away from their regular duties, they are shifting focus towards sensitive documents containing confidential information. Are the employees who are doing the shredding at your Southern New Jersey Company qualified to view such information?

In addition, who is making the decisions about what should be shredded? If it’s the employees doing the work, critical errors could happen that could expose customers and staff to identity theft, and your business to corporate espionage. Your staff likely does not have independent certification for dealing with these issues, opening you to violations of the law.

Reducing Risks

Using the services of a Southern New Jersey on-site paper shredding company can save you tons of time and money as well as reducing the risks of exposing information or not being in compliance with the law.

When you outsource shredding needs, you will secure the services of qualified, certified and bonded security professionals to handle document destruction. You and your customers get the peace of mind knowing that their information is secure and will not be exposed to prying eyes.

How It Works

Southern New Jersey on-site shredding companies show up at your business with a truck containing state-of-the-art document destruction equipment. They come in, take any files you designate for destroying, and perform the service right there in the truck. All the while, you can observe the process through closed-circuit television monitors.

You are in charge of the custody of your files right up until they are destroyed. In addition, these bulk shredders can accomplish tasks that would take hours on a small office shredder in only minutes!

Are you looking to secure the services of a Southern NJ professional document shredder? If so, ProShred Southern New Jersey is the ideal choice. We have a tradition of security and excellent customer service and satisfaction. Give us a call for more information today.

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