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May 23, 2023

Why Your Business Should Use a Document Shredding Service

If you own a business that works with private information like a healthcare facility, law office, or financial institution, you are likely to have a number of documents that contain confidential information related to your clients and business. You probably know that properly disposing of these documents is not just important but often required by law. However, what you may not know is that simply using a small office shredder is not the safest shredding option.

In fact, using anything other than a professional document shredding service can leave your business vulnerable to having information stolen and could cause serious damage to your reputation at best and financial and legal consequences at worst. The good news is that choosing a safe shredding NJ company to help you with confidential paper shredding can minimize these risks. It can also make shredding your documents easy and convenient.


Effortless Shredding

Many businesses choose to use an office shredder simply because it seems like the easiest option. After all, all you have to do is stick it in a corner and have your employees use it to shred documents as the need arises. However, using a document shredding service can be just as effortless, if not more so than an office shredder.

When you hire a professional shredding service, you no longer have to think about shredding your documents, emptying the shredder, or taking the pieces of paper to the trash. Instead, when you work with PROSHREDⓇ Southern New Jersey, you simply put your unwanted documents in one of our security consoles or bins. You don’t even have to worry about removing any paper clips or staples, it’s that easy. When it’s time for your documents to be shredded, we will come to pick up those consoles or bins and take care of the rest. It’s hassle-free and saves you and your employees a lot of valuable time.


Reduced Risks

Using an office shredder may not be as safe as you believe. This is due to the fact that most office shredders work by simply cutting paper into strips. While these strips are small, they are not so small as to be impossible to read or even reassemble.

That risk is gone when you use a confidential paper shredding company like PROSHREDⓇ .  Our state-of-the-art, industrial shredders to ensure that your documents are completely destroyed beyond the point of being reassembled. We are ISO 9001 and NAID AAA certified, meaning you can trust in our expertise. Even better, we will shred your documents right from our mobile shredding trucks. You can watch them be destroyed in real-time.


Legal Compliance

For many industries, there are legal rules and regulations surrounding confidential documents from how long these documents can be stored to how these documents must be destroyed when they are no longer needed. Not meeting these legal guidelines in your industry can cause serious fines and other repercussions.

For example, HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, lays out exactly what is expected of healthcare professionals when handling documents that contain confidential patient information. HIPAA states in its Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information that all healthcare professionals must make a distinct effort to safeguard protected health information (PHI) in whatever form this takes. This includes shredding any physical documents that contain confidential data to the point that they cannot be reconstructed or read.

Document Shredding Services for Every Business

Whether you own a large healthcare facility or a small legal office, PROSHREDⓇ Southern New Jersey has a document shredding service to fit your needs. Our paper shredding services include one-time cleanouts, on-going shredding, and drop-off shredding so that we can service any business no matter how big or small.


One-Time Cleanout

If you’ve found that your pile of papers to shred has grown to an unmanageable height, our one-time cleanout service might be right for you. The one-time cleanout is one of our most popular paper shredding services, and it’s perfect if you have a small business or a business that doesn’t need regular shredding.

All you have to do to set up our one-time cleanout is to give us a call. We will bring our mobile shredding trucks straight to your door, where we will then shred all your confidential documents as you watch. Our certificate of destruction and low prices with no hidden charges make this document shredding service even better.


On-Going Shredding

Our on-going shredding service is designed for businesses that frequently generate a number of sensitive documents that need to be shredded on a regular basis, and it is a favorite service among hundreds of PROSHREDⓇ Southern New Jersey’s clients. When you sign up for our business shredding service, we will create a plan that is personalized for your business, so that your unique needs are completely met.

Then, our mobile document shredding trucks will come to your door on a set schedule from every week to up to every eight weeks. We will gather up all of your confidential documents and take them to our mobile shredding trucks. As always, you are welcome to watch the entire shredding process to have the peace of mind that your documents are securely destroyed.


Drop-Off Shredding

If you only need occasional shredding and don’t produce enough documents for one of our mobile shredding trucks to come to you, you may have found yourself searching for “shredding services NJ drop off.” If that’s the case, try our drop-off shredding service. With two locations in Southern New Jersey, our drop-off shredding service is easy and accessible. Simply bring your documents to one of our drop-off shredding locations, and we will take care of the rest. You will receive the same care and quality of service as you would with our mobile shredding services, so you can leave feeling confident that your information is safe.

Whether you need a one-time cleanout, on-going shredding, or drop-off shredding, PROSHREDⓇ Southern New Jersey is here to help. Our document shredding services are much safer than using an office paper shredder which leaves your documents exposed and your information vulnerable. To learn more about how we can help you ensure the privacy of your customers’ information without hassle, call us and ask about our confidential paper shredding services today.

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