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June 28, 2016

Earth Day and Shredding

Earth Day is only a short month away. It is a day that we strive to be mindful of our impact on the environment and pledge that we will always try to do better. Many people mark the day in different ways, from starting on a recycling plan to planting a tree and a number of other activities that help the environment. While many businesses celebrate this holiday, PROSHRED Dallas Fort Worth is no exception. Read on to find out about PROSHRED Dallas Fort Worth’s commitment to recycling, and how our shredding service is environmentally conscious.

Recycle Your Leftover Paper Waste

It’s a simple fact that paper shredding produces a tremendous amount of waste that has to be dealt with. While many businesses and shredding companies throw shredded paper away, PROSHRED Dallas Fort Worth handles things a little differently. We believe in providing a green shredding service, which is why we have partnerships with local recycling centers. Once a shredding job has been completed by our mobile shredding trucks, the waste is taken to one of our partners to recycle. By making sure that the paper we shred is recycled instead of thrown away, we’re both showing our desire to be environmentally conscious as well as aiding in efforts for conservation—an important aspect of Earth Day.

Reducing Energy Needs

When a company has to get rid of large amounts of paper documents and doesn’t employ a shredding service, it often means multiple trips to brick and mortar shredding locations. These trips can end up burning a lot of fuel, which can have a very negative impact on the environment. PROSHRED Dallas Fort Worth’s on-site shredding services negate the need to make constant trips to have your paper shredded, so we come directly to you. In terms of the environment, this is very beneficial because it uses much less fuel and lowers the amount of pollution that enters the air. Not only is our on-site shredding convenient for you, but it’s also kind to the Earth.

Shredding Services Save Trees

PROSHRED Dallas Fort Worth is so enthusiastic in our efforts to recycle that we want you to be a partner with us. When you have used our service for the year, we will give you a TreeSaver Environmental Certificate as both a token of our appreciation as well as proof of your and our commitment to recycling. Recycling paper is important because it saves mature trees from logging, in turn protecting and strengthening the environment. Your certificate will be a reflection of how many trees you’ve protected by recycling through the use of our shredding service.

Contact Us on Earth Day

When you’re looking for a company on Earth Day that is committed to providing excellent shredding services, while also having a recycling plan that protects the environment, count on PROSHRED Dallas Fort Worth to meet your needs. Not only do we provide top quality shredding services to the Dallas Fort Worth area, we are also dedicated to recycling so that none of the paper we handle goes to waste. Contact us this upcoming Earth Day to find out more about how our shredding services help you and the environment.


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