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June 28, 2016

The Importance of Document Shredding

These days, information can be as valuable as any treasure. Any type of business or organization needs to have a permanent and effective way to destroy confidential documents. An Addison document shredding service can be an important means to make sure confidential files are properly destroyed.

A Guide For Addison Businesses

Information security is an integral part of today’s business landscape. From online safeguards to private correspondence, everyone take steps to reduce their chances of an information breach. While we take precautions wherever possible, it only takes one misstep to become the next victim of fraud or identity theft.

If you are a resident or business owner in Addison, Texas, you understand that a proactive approach is the only way to confront the possibility of a data breach. Each and every time you are handed a private document, it should be treated as such: stored securely, viewed privately, and destroyed completely once no longer needed.

Confronted with the risk of an information breach, your business must either accept the importance of document shredding on a routine basis or face the consequences of doing otherwise. How exactly should your business handle document shredding?

What are the risks?

When a business neglects to protect the information of its employees and/or clients, it is violating not only Texas law, but the basic foundation of trust that every transaction is built upon. Let’s imagine a hypothetical business, Company X, that publishes magazines. Company X collects the names, addresses, and payment information of its subscribers, but throws this unencrypted information in the trash once an individual cancels their subscription.

When this data is stolen and used by criminals for financial gain, law enforcement will find one common factor linking all of the victims: each subscribed to the Company X magazine. As authorities eventually find Company X to be responsible for a breach in client data, the company is now at risk for:

What Are Your Options?

To avoid the scenario described above, your company should be taking dozens of precautions to reduce the chances of an information breach – that includes shredding documents directly before disposal. Here, you are faced with two competing options:


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