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June 28, 2016

Onsite and Offsite Hard Drive Shredding

In the digital age, most of our vital information is no longer stored on paper or in filing cabinets. Instead, both businesses and individuals are choosing to store all kinds of records digitally on computer hard drives. There comes a time, however, when these hard drives need to be disposed of, and it’s important to do this in such a way that data is unrecoverable. The only sure way to destroy a hard drive is through shredding. Keep reading to learn more about the onsite as well as offsite hard drive shredding services offered by PROSHRED Dallas Fort Worth.

Onsite Hard Drive Shredding

Large businesses typically deal in a lot of information, which requires several computers and hard drives. When you’ve replaced your old hard drives and need to destroy them in the most convenient and effective way, onsite hard drive shredding is your best choice. The mobile shredding trucks employed by PROSHRED will come to your business and shred all of your old hard drives so that nothing can be retrieved from them. We can offer this service one time or as an ongoing solution if you’re the type of business who routinely changes equipment. Onsite hard drive shredding is the best solution for businesses with bulk hard drives.

Offsite Hard Drive Shredding

Some hard drive shredding jobs are smaller than others. Maybe you’re an individual looking to dispose of a single hard drive, or maybe your small business only has a few that don’t reach the level needed for onsite service. In these type of cases, PROSHRED offers offsite hard drive shredding for those smaller shredding jobs. You can drop off your hard drives at our convenient and centrally-located office, and let us take care of the rest. Security isn’t just important to large institutions, and offsite hard drive shredding is perfect for security-minded individuals and smaller businesses.

Environmentally Friendly Hard Drive Shredding

At PROSHRED, we know that both businesses and individuals are increasing their environmentally conscious actions, and you might be wondering whether hard drive shredding is friendly to the environment. You can be sure that when you shred your hard drives with PROSHRED, we will dispose of them in the most environmentally friendly way possible. All the metal and plastic waste that is produced as a result of shredding your hard drives will be taken to one of our partner recycling centers that can handle those materials. PROSHRED is dedicated both to your security and to the environment.

Destroy Your Hard Drive the Reliable Way

Hard drive shredding is one of the best practices a business or individual can engage in to maintain their security. While other methods of hard drive destruction can be unreliable, hard drive shredding is the sure way to dispose of your hard drive and render the data unrecoverable. If you’re interested in either onsite hard drive shredding or offsite hard drive shredding, then choose PROSHRED Dallas Fort Worth to dispose of your hard drive safely and professionally. Visit our website today to learn about our various shredding services that are specifically tailored to meet all customers in the Dallas Fort Worth area.


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