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June 28, 2016

Why Medical Record Shredding is Important

Medical documents are some of the most personal, private information that an individual or business can have. These documents contain some of the most intimidate details of a person’s life, so they must be protected with the highest security. Eventually, it comes time to destroy medical documents, and this process must be done in such a way that it is not possible for the information on these documents to fall into the wrong hands. Medical record shredding is important to protect the privacy of individuals and businesses, and PROSHRED Dallas Fort Worth is the company to handle all of your shredding needs.

Medical Record Shredding is Important for Medical Institutions

The primary place that one would find medical records is at a medical institution, such as a hospital or doctor’s office. Medical record shredding is important for these institutions because it protects the personal information of patients, a task that is often highly regulated. Many medical institutions may feel like shredding is too big of a job, but it is actually easy when you use the right shredding service, like the kind offered by PROSHRED. We shred onsite for large institutions using our mobile shredding trucks, making the process as simple as possible. With onsite shredding, disposing of medical records is easy as can be.

Medical Record Shredding for Individuals

It’s not only medical institutions that benefit from medical record shredding. Most individuals maintain their own medical records to a certain degree, and these records can build up over time, necessitating clean up. In the same way hospitals shred to secure patient privacy, medical record shredding is important for individuals because it ensures identity thieves cannot get ahold of your private data. When you want to dispose of your personal medical records, PROSHRED offers a convenient walk-in location where you can drop off all your documents for the most secure shredding available in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Medical Record Shredding Includes Hard Drives

Medical records aren’t just stored in physical, document form anymore. In the modern age, a lot of sensitive medical data is contained on computer hard drives. Unlike with paper, hard drives can be a lot harder to destroy, and if you don’t do a proper job, then it’s very simple to retrieve your information. Luckily, PROSHRED offers the highest quality hard drive shredding services. We will completely destroy all of your hard drives, and make sure that none of your private medical data as a business or an individual is recoverable. When you think about medical record shredding, make sure you’re also thinking about digital records.

Protect Your Records Today

In the age of information, one of the things that most people still want to keep private is their personal medical records. A person’s medical history is one of the most personal documents they can have, and it can be disastrous if they fall into the wrong hands, which is why they must be disposed of properly. If medical record shredding is important to you, then hire PROSHRED Dallas Fort Worth to shred your most private of documents. We have a wide range of services to fit absolutely every customer need.


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