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September 11, 2017

Utilize Shredding Events with PROSHRED® Fort Lauderdale For Your Law Firm

Utilize PROSHRED® Fort Lauderdale’s Shredding Events for your Law Firm

Lawyers understand the importance of adhering to federal laws including FACTA and HIPAA when it’s time to dispose of old documents. What is surprising however is how many law offices don’t realize the danger they are putting themselves and their clients in by using a conventional office shredder instead of a more industrial solution.

What’s more, it’s not always evident that every law firm has a document retention and destruction policy that seeks to fulfill client confidentiality. Please visit one of our next shredding events to find out if your law firm is compliant and we can help put your office in compliance.

In-house shredding machines simply don’t do a good enough job at rendering documents irreparable. Most simply leave the document in a vertical strip form which can easily be reconstructed. There usually isn’t any horizontal cutting happening inside these machines. As you we will show you at one of our shredding events, tossing these strips in the recycling bin is very dangerous, as it allows anyone with the will to search a recycling truck or dumpster to get highly sensitive information.

Do you want to see our trucks in action at one of our next shredding events?

There is another thing that can significantly assist in your adherence to disposal laws, and make the entire disposal process easier at the same time. Having a proper document retention and destruction policy is extremely important to ensure that organizations don’t accidentally destroy critical documents.

At one of the next local shredding events we will further explain the following tips on how to get started with creating a policy if your organization doesn’t currently have one:

If you would like to learn more about the document shredding services we offer, come and visit our shredding events we will be hosting in Fort Lauderdale.

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