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January 23, 2014

Year-end document purge service time!

Time for year-end document purge service, going paperless, or at least trying to reduce the amount of paper you use? Year-End Document Purge Service is here brought to you by PROSHRED® Fort Lauderdale. Once you’ve filed your tax return, you can get ready about reducing your financial important papers and old records clutter by shredding and purging all of them. Get back your office storage space while maintaining your information security by a year-end document purge with PROSHRED® Fort Lauderdale> today! Preparing for that year-end document purge, the first step is always the same: Once you start shredding receipts and personal statements, it’s very important that you look at them carefully so you’re aware of any fees, unwanted charges, or raised interest rates. Time to say goodbye to all that paper clutter you’ve been looking at all year and

Year-End Document Purge Service

Year End document purge is also an excellent reminder as it goes with fiscal year end. Making the decision to finally choose that year-end document purge service. Security and Compliance should be your number one deciding factor above all else. The year-end document purge PROSHRED® Fort Lauderdale offers to you is NAID certified http://www.naidonline.org/nitl/en/consumer/ctk-rep.html HIPPA and FACTA compliant. You’ll find this link provided very useful when you decide to hire a company for your Year-End Document Purge. New Year’s resolution time, make a personal commitment to reduce office clutter, finish all paperwork, get finances in order, and start your taxes early. However, even the most technology savvy consumer still has a ton of paperwork get ready for that year-end document purge, from ATM and gift receipts to credit card statements and tax forms offers from various credit card companies, checks, statements… Once cross referenced with corresponding accounts, bank or ATM receipts, canceled checks, even pay stubs can all be destroyed now you’re ready for that year-end document purge! Our motto is when in doubt, SHRED IT AND FORGET IT!

Schedule your year-end purge service with safe and secure professional shredding company PROSHRED call 954-523-9366 for a no obligation free quote today!

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