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Business Shredding in Northern Virginia

Every business across the state of Virginia is affected by federal privacy legislation. From customer receipts to private personal data, your business is obligated to meet these strict standards or face hefty fines. These laws are not completely uniform from state to state and Virginia actually has a set of stringent codes that drastically penalize violators.

Medical Record Shredding

Healthcare providers and professionals go through mountains of confidential patient information. While more and more offices are switching to electronic databases, this doesn’t mean that old-fashioned paperwork has flown out the window. In fact, the rules for patient confidentiality are more stringent today than ever before.

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Financial Record Shredding

Companies in the financial services industry are required to protect the most important information of their clients. Bank account information, social security numbers, credit card data – this information is highly sensitive and usually encrypted on company servers. Every day though, financial institutions print out thousands of sheets of paper for contracts and important documents, leaving this data completely unprotected if it is improperly disposed of.

Legal Record Shredding

Most law firms like to have a hard copy of important documents on file in case of an emergency. At the same time, law firms are unfortunately notorious for stockpiling large amounts of paperwork in file cabinets, desk drawers, and back offices. While this stereotype certainly doesn’t hold true in all cases, attorneys are entrusted with a great deal of a client’s personal information. It goes without saying that all client information should be adequately safeguarded against any confidentiality breaches.

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Home Office Shredding

Do you or your employees work from home? If so, you are part of a growing trend that aims to maximize productivity and comfort from your own home office. While this certainly has its perks, important documents are more likely to wind up in unsecured locations. Confidential paperwork might be frequently transported from one location to another, jeopardizing a great deal of your company’s private information.

Residential Shredding

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. Every year, more than 9.9 million cases of fraud are reported to law enforcement officials and financial advisors. Virginia has the 16th highest rate of identity theft across the United States, meaning that our citizens are statistically more likely to be victimized by stolen information.

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