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Five Ways That Schools Can Prevent Data Breaches

In the age of the internet, data breaches have become all too common. Schools are particularly vulnerable to these kinds of attacks, as they often collect sensitive information about students and staff. However, there are steps that schools can take to prevent data breaches. By implementing proper security protocols, encrypting data, and educating employees about

Ultimate Guide to Preventing Identity Theft (And What to Shred)

In the Age of Information, information overload and paper waste stand at an all-time high. It is estimated that 85 million tons of paper get thrown into the waste bin each year. That’s a lot of potential for document destruction in a given year. In terms of local document destruction, residential neighborhoods are rife with

Welcome DocuGreen Customers!

PROSHRED® Orlando purchased DocuGreen Orlando in 2022 and is proud to welcome DocuGreen customers to the PROSHRED® family. We are excited to help you continue protecting your sensitive information with secure, confidential shredding services in the Orlando area. As a locally owned and operated branch of a nationally recognized mobile shredding company, you can rest

Complete Guide to Hard Drive Destruction

The Internet is filled with ideas for destroying unwanted hard drives ranging from data-wiping tools to microwave ovens and even power drills. Many websites will also advocate using bleach or acid on the disk, smashing it with a hammer, or engaging in other attempts to physically damage a hard drive before disposal. However, these methods

The Best Security Measures for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Every successful business understands the importance of data security, both for physical documents and digital devices. With the increasing dependence on technology in the workplace, cybersecurity policies are becoming more important than ever. Many employees are also using their personal devices for work-related activities such as sending emails, contacting clients, and viewing company information. To

Start Fresh with National Clean Your Desk Day

Prepare yourself for a productive new year by celebrating National Clean Your Desk Day. When working a busy job, it’s easy to forget about cleaning your desk. Before you know it, your desk is cluttered with paperwork, and cleaning your desk sounds like a massive task. Having a messy desk not only has a potentially

Ultimate Guide to the Benefits of Hiring a Paper Shredding Company

Can your business benefit from hiring a paper shredding company? The answer is a definite yes! Many companies use Orlando paper shredding services to stay compliant and secure. There are many industries that can take advantage of a shredding company like PROSHRED® Orlando. As a certified service provider in the area with specially trained and

DocuGreen Orlando Is Now PROSHRED®

      DocuGreen Orlando is now PROSHRED®. This is great news for the Orlando area.  Clients will receive the same great service with the same great people.  This partnership will be making both organizations stronger.         Discover PROSHRED® PROSHRED® is the leading national secure document shredding and hard drive destruction service. With

5 Reasons to Ditch the Office Paper Shredder

When you’re a responsible business owner or department head, paper shredding is often a part of your daily routine. If you like to stay on top of the mountains of paperwork generated by your organization every week and make sure the documents are securely destroyed when no longer needed, you likely utilize some form of

Choosing the Right Shredding Service for Your Business

Having documents destroyed by a secure shredding service provider like PROSHRED® Orlando is the best way to safeguard your business from data breaches and theft of sensitive information. But there are several factors that go into deciding what shredding service is the right one for your business, from how many employees you have to how

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