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Tips to Choosing Reputable Shredding Services

What to Look for in a Syracuse Shredding Service   Choosing a paper shredding service for your office is something that should include diligent research. When entrusting a third party in your office and allowing access to your company's data as well as your clients’ personal information, a proper vetting process as well as understanding…

document shredding

Why Document Shredding is Critical for Your Business in 2018

PROSHRED® Syracuse- Document Shredding is Key Businesses can’t afford to carelessly dispose of sensitive documents in 2018. Identity thieves and other criminals hunt for documents that provide the data they need to compromise sensitive information. The federal and state governments have enacted laws that require businesses to safeguard documents that contain personal and confidential information, particularly…

What to shred

Wondering What to Shred?

An Outline of Documents to Keep and What to Shred   With identity theft on the rise and the incident of security breaches at institutions like banks compromising the personal information of thousands, if not millions of customers, the topic of how to properly secure important data and what to shred is becoming a growing…

information security

How HR Can Take Charge of Information Security

Ways to Place HR at the Forefront of Information Security   The first interaction a new employee has is often with your HR department. HR sets the standard expectations of company policies. Don’t leave data protection solely to IT when a precedent set by HR could be the real multiple force solution to having a…

shredding events

PROSHRED® Shredding Events Provide Knowledge About Red Flag Rules

Learn About The Red Flags Rule at Our Shredding Events If you own or operate a business you may know that there are many different pieces of legislation that affect your day to day operations and how you do business. Keeping track of these rules can be a daunting and exhausting task.…

security tips

Security Tips for Start-up Companies

It’s no surprise that smaller companies often have fewer security measures in place due to the fact that they believe their size will eliminate them as a prime target. Unfortunately, the opposite is quite true, and these organizations are popular targets for cyber criminals. Of course, this is not the only…


Have Hard Drives to Get Rid of? Here’s How to do it Safely

The data stored on both personal and business computers can be fairly sensitive, and when you dispose of old computer systems and hard drives, you could run into issues keeping that information out of the hands of identity thieves and hackers. As a business owner, you not only have your company to protect you also…


Stop Internal Fraud from Occurring in Your Syracuse Workplace

The size of your company doesn’t determine whether or not you could experience fraud in your Syracuse workplace.  While the banking and financial industries are typically targeted more, identity theft and fraud continues to threaten organizations in Syracuse and throughout the rest of the United States.  Because fraud can occur in many variations, it can…


Document Shredding Solutions for Your Financial Company

It is imperative that in today’s world, business owners are implementing the necessary security measures to keep sensitive information safe. Without the proper precautions, your company could be at substantial risk. This is even of greater importance if you are the owner or operator of a financial institution. Financial industries, of course, are all numbers.…


PROSHRED® Syracuse Can Help Improve Your Security With Document Destruction

PROSHRED® Syracuse Document Destruction & Identity Theft Protection A key to keeping your personal, confidential, and sensitive information secure is disposing of your documents in a professional manner. PROSHRED® Syracuse document destruction can offer you the sense of security you need. Individuals frequently find themselves in stressful situations when looking at piles of documents containing private information in…


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