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Just How Secure is Hard Drive Shredding?

Protecting business information is now more important than ever! Computers are storing large amounts of data, and these numbers continue to increase as the digital world becomes more popular. For businesses, it is crucial to make every effort possible to safeguard customer, employee, and business information. If confidential data fell into the wrong hands, your business could face a security breach, a loss of sales, large fines, and a damaged reputation.

Hard Drive Destruction TechniquesHard Drive Shredding

Hard Drive Destruction is a great way to ensure data stored on your computer is completely eliminated and cannot be restored. However, there are several options when it comes to hard drive destruction. How do you make sure your company chooses the most secure method?

There are three main techniques when it comes to hard drive destruction: Punching, Wiping, and Shredding. Each has its key differences:

  • Punching – Machine punches the equipment, leaving a hole in the hard drive
  • Wiping – A computer software is used to “clear” the data off the hard drive
  • Shredding – Destruction process is used to slice hard drive into small pieces

In comparison, the only way to make sure your hard drive is 100% destroyed is through a professional shredding company. Hard drive punching leaves a single hole in the hard drive, in no way destroying it completely. Hard drive wiping physically has no impact on the hard drive and thus, information may still be accessible. With hard drive shredding, your hard drive is securely destroyed, and all company information stored on your computer is 100% erased.

Advantages of Hard Drive Shredding

Hard drive shredding has several advantages. Unlike hard drive punching or wiping where many people try to complete on their own, with hard drive shredding, hiring a Dallas – Fort Worth information destruction company is easy! You can simply call 469-930-6044, schedule an appointment, and a shredding truck will arrive at the specified time. All shredding takes place outside of your door, and you can watch the process as it occurs.

Afterwards, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction verifying your data is inaccessible and your shredded hard drives will be taken to a local e-waste recycling facility.

Hard Drive Shredding: The Most Secure Destruction Method Available

When you choose PROSHRED® DFW for your hard drive shredding, you receive a destruction service that utilizes only the latest and greatest technology and equipment. Our industrial shredder can destroy 1,000 hard drives per hour, and provides fast, efficient, and most importantly, the most secure hard drive destruction method available in the state of Texas! So, if you’re wondering “Just how secure is hard drive shredding?” rest assured that you are making the right decision when you choose PROSHRED® DFW.

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I cannot possibly express my appreciation and admiration for your company and the 3 wonderful gentlemen that provide excellent service today. They worked hard and worked quickly to get all the documents shredded. You bailed us out of a real mess. You were so kind to take care of us last minute at the end of the day. I am amazed at the wonderful customer service. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We will call you next time we have a shred job! Blessings to you and your wonderful crew.  

- Sue Hassell

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