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Paper Shredding: Is your Shredding Method Secure Enough?

Paper Shredding Tips to Ensure Security   Apocryphal stories, urban legends and even the occasional spy novel occasionally depict scenes where someone is able, through considerable patience and precision, and at least one montage, to reassemble a shredded document and obtain the Macguffin, super-secret information or industry-changing recipe from it. While dramatic, it may or

Shredding Services for a More Secure 2018

The Key to Security is as Simple as Investing in Secure Shredding Services Identity theft is one of the top reasons that businesses are put at risk. Ensuring all unwanted papers and documents that have vital information are appropriately disposed of is essential. One way of doing this is by shredding them with a certified shredding

Small Business Data Security Best Practices

Tips on Going Pro with Your Business Data Security   Business data security is a concern shared by all business owners. Whether you run a big, medium, or small business, you need to ensure that your personal and customer data is secured. To ensure that your business data is secure, we recommend that you embrace

Elevate Office Security with Secure Shredding

Why Investing in Secure Shredding is a Safe Bet   Prioritizing your business to take the precautions necessary to protect personal and confidential information clients entrust you with is critical. Private information can easily slip into the wrong hands without the proper security measures in place. These wrong hands can use your client’s confidential information

5 Ways to Improve Data Security

Tips for Advanced Data Security Procedures   Research has shown that human error is still the largest contributor of data breaches but with just a few proactive steps to connect your security policies and your processes you can mitigate risk.   Utilize password best practices. Often times data breach prevention can be as simple as

What Should Be Shredded?

Do You Know What You Should Shred?   Identity theft is an industry that is responsible for millions of dollars in damages a year. Identity thieves are bold but most of them time, it is fairly simple for an identity thief to acquire your information. Items that may seem safe to you can provide just

Cyber Security Checklist to Keep Your Information Secure

Do You Have a Security Review In Place? Having a cyber security checklist that you review bi-annually is imperative to keeping sensitive information secure. PROSHRED® New York put together the checklist below to ensure you’re doing everything you can to protect your sensitive information.   Destroy propriety information securely Protect mobile devices with passwords Familiarize

Selecting a Trustworthy Shredding Company

New York’s Trusted Shredding Company   Confidential information is a big part of any company. Businesses store sensitive information that relates to their employees, customers and clients alike. It’s extremely important to keep sensitive business information secure and safe at all times. Investing in services of a trustworthy shredding company is a proactive step toward

Benefits Of Secure Paper Shredding | PROSHRED® New York

Professional secure paper shredding service is vital for all businesses that care about client and employee safety and privacy. It doesn’t matter if a business is well established or new to the scene, confidentiality and discretion must be a priority. Otherwise, a business could make itself susceptible to information breaches that can be extremely troubling

Stay Protected, Know What Documents Should Be Shredded

Running a business in New York City is the dream of many upscale entrepreneurs. A hub of money and culture, New York companies, both large and small, set the pace of a great deal of business taking place in the United States and abroad. As a business owner, it is important to protect business-related information

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