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The Benefits of Mobile Shredding for Baltimore Businesses

If you’ve been looking online for “mobile shredding services near me” to take the hassle out of processing mounds of paperwork to thwart identity theft and other criminal activity, PROSHREDⓇ Baltimore should be at the top of your list. In today’s data-driven business climate, protecting sensitive information is crucial. From financial records to customer data,

The Do’s and Don’ts of Document Shredding: What to Know When Destroying Information

Scammers will do anything to try and obtain your personal information. So when it comes time to purge your home or office of accumulated paperwork, you’ll want to be sure you do it correctly. You don’t think identity theft can happen to you, but they won’t hesitate to steal your credit card info when you

How To Pick the Best Baltimore Shredding Company

If you work in a business involving sensitive documents and records, chances are that you have searched “shredding companies Baltimore” online. The thorough destruction of sensitive information is vital, especially when it comes to the hard copies of those documents and records. Data thieves and breaches are serious threats that continue to grow, and they

The Best Way to Protect Your Company from Corporate Espionage

Protecting your company from corporate espionage is a top priority for any business. However, knowing the best way to ensure your sensitive data and documents remain safe and secure can take time and effort. Shredding documents is one of the essential steps in protecting your company from corporate espionage. In this blog post, we’ll discuss

What to Know About HIPAA and Medical Record Shredding

Taking the proper steps to ensure that all files containing private information are properly disposed of is a vital part of every organization’s operations. Not only does this protect the company from having its confidential data exposed, but it also protects the privacy of citizens. Frankly, no one understands this quite like those handling protected

How to Protect Confidential Information with BYOD

Data security is a cornerstone of any organization, and with the growing dependence on technology in the workplace, it can be difficult to protect your information. While you can install antivirus software on your office computers, many employees may be accessing company information such as emails using their personal smartphones or laptops. Due to this

Ultimate Guide on What to Shred (And How to Prevent Identity Theft)

We all collect a lot of paperwork throughout our lives. From bank statements to birth certificates to receipts, one of the prevailing struggles that comes with collecting all of these documents is figuring out what you actually need to keep, and what should be disposed of. Incorrectly disposing of excess information poses many security risks,

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