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Product Destruction Services in Baltimore

Over the last decade, PROSHRED®️ Baltimore has earned a reputation for being one of the most secure and safe document shredding providers in the market. But did you know we do more than shredding?  For non-paper items that can't be shredded, we provide secure and confidential incineration services. Products we can destroy include apparel with trademarked imagery, branded packaging, outdated or unusable labeling, and just about any other product that contains confidential or sensitive information. We partner with secure incineration plants to bring you the most confidential and streamlined product destruction services in the market.

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Why Should You Shred Products?

If your business has unwanted products that contain sensitive information, you don’t want to risk those getting out into the public and exposing your information or representing your brand in an unwelcome manner. Examples of products that should be destroyed include old food or product labels with outdated or inaccurate information, promotional items or apparel that advertise your company’s old brand or logo, old uniforms that could be used to impersonate an employee, or even products that are taking up space but can’t be easily disposed of in a trash can or recycling bin. For these products and others, our company offers secure, confidential incineration services.

Industries We Serve

Baltimore is home to many businesses, organizations, and individuals that could benefit from product destruction services. We serve all industries, but here are some of the most common along with the types of products they could benefit from incinerating.

  • Manufacturers - Branded packaging can leak out to the general public, causing problems for your brand identity. Protect your brand by controlling where people see your logo. Don’t let individuals not associated with your brand represent you.
  • Medical Facilities - Incineration is especially helpful for medical facilities as many labels are attached to products that aren’t as easily destroyed. Examples of this include non-paper labels and plastic bottles.
  • Law Enforcement - Whether it’s uniforms, riot gear, or body armor, you don’t want nefarious elements introducing themselves as law enforcement. Destroying any law enforcement logos will help with this.
  • Nonprofit Organizations - Certain individuals might want to use your nonprofit's goodwill for their personal gain. Protect your reputation by destroying promotional material after it’s been used.
  • Other Businesses - Businesses are often diligent about destroying their sensitive paperwork, but what about hard drives and discs? Remember to only use professional services to destroy electronics containing sensitive data, to ensure it is completely destroyed.


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What Products Can Be Destroyed?

Just about any product can be destroyed, but there are some that definitely should be, like those that contain sensitive information. Certain products, like caustic or explosive materials, can’t be destroyed through our product destruction services. Here is a list of common products we incinerate:

  • Medical Records - We can provide you with HIPAA-compliant product destruction services for all your medical records. Make sure personal information stays confidential.
  • Apparel and Uniforms - In order to prevent people who are not vetted and associated with your organization brandishing your logo, you should have uniforms and other branded apparel destroyed.
  • Prescription Bottles - Prescriptions contain sensitive patient information and should be properly destroyed. Since they are often attached to plastic bottles we use our incinerating process to dispose of them.
  • Licenses, ID Cards, and Debit/Credit Cards - Identity theft is a serious and growing issue in this country. Protect yourself by destroying these items.
  • Packaging and Labels - Depending on what’s on your labels, you should consider adding packaging and labels to your list of items to properly dispose of.
  • Recalled Products and Equipment - These products were recalled for a reason. Take recalled products out of circulation so others don’t end up using them.

Product Destruction Price Guide

At PROSHRED®️ Baltimore, our prices for product destruction vary based on the type and quantity of materials being destroyed. There are no two product destruction projects alike, so the cost of service will depend on your needs. Please contact us for more information and a free quote.

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Schedule Product Shredding Services in Baltimore Today

Whether you’re ready to schedule product destruction services or you’re looking for a price estimate, please contact us today for more information. We look forward to providing you with a free quote and an individualized game plan for having your items securely destroyed.

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