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July 15, 2019

In-House Document Shredding vs. Professional Document Shredding: What is Best for Your Business?

Disposing of confidential information safely is essential to a successful business. Holding on to outdated or unnecessary documents can pose a data security risk. The privacy and identity of your customers, employees, and other people you work with can be stolen and used. That’s why it’s incredibly important to shred documents your company no longer needs. The question is, should you shred documents yourself or hire a professional document shredding service?

Advantages to using a professional shredding service

It’s more productive

A typical office shredder destroys papers slowly, and someone has to load papers into it one at a time by hand. Hiring a professional shredding service speeds up the process considerably. Your staff will be freed up to focus on other tasks that need their attention.

Saves money on equipment

Buying and keeping your own shredding machines costs money and takes up space in your office. When you work with a professional document shredding company, you can choose a service that meets your unique needs. If your business regularly compiles sensitive paper documents, consider an ongoing shredding service that provides secure containers to store papers ready to be shredded. If you’re a smaller business that needs a one-time shredding service before moving to a new office, a professional service can visit you to take care of it, or you can drop off your files at a local shredding location.

You’ll gain peace of mind

Keeping data safe by complying with federal privacy laws can be stressful and overwhelming. How can you be sure you’re following all the requirements for your business correctly? Working with a fully certified professional document shredding service that is up to date on legislation changes will give you peace of mind.

Advantages to professional document shredding

It can save your business money

Shredding documents yourself rather than hiring a service may feel like you’re saving another expense to your business’s budget. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re saving money. Consider the cost of buying shredding equipment, collecting it, and disposing of it safely — not to mention the man-hours you need to have someone shredding. Those expenses can add up and end up costing more than using a service that will do it for you.

You’re keeping documents secure

You might be hesitant to use an outside service if you’re not sure about the security of their data protection. However, think about how secure your shredded documents are in a shredding machine. Professional shredding services like PROSHRED®️ provide security bins, consoles, and containers to store your papers in a locked location until they’re ready to shred.

Professional document shredding is the best choice

The advantages to hiring a professional document shredding company for your business far outweigh in-house document shredding. With a professional shredding service, you can save time, instead of having your staff shred documents themselves. Plus, you won’t need to spend money on shredding machines, which costs your business in both office space and resources. And, with a professional service that offers secure containers to hold your papers, you’ll have peace of mind and abide by confidentiality laws.

Your company deserves a professional document shredding. Located in the Baltimore area? Contact PROSHRED®️ Baltimore for your business shredding needs, or call 1-87-PROSHRED to set up a free estimate for your business.


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