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Decluttering Your Office Space: The Role of Efficient Document Management and Shredding

Managing the overflow of documents can be an overwhelming task for any organization. An efficient document management strategy not only ensures operational efficiency but also secures sensitive information from potential breaches. Secure shredding, purge shredding, and mobile shredding significantly aid in decluttering office spaces and maintaining a streamlined workflow.   The Essence of Document Management

The Environmental Benefits of Paper Recycling and Shredding

The world is growing more conscious about the long-term impact of modern human life, and the importance of recycling cannot be overstated. Among the various materials that can be recycled, paper holds a significant place. Shredded paper recycling not only conserves trees but also saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and minimizes the amount of

How To Pick The Best Delaware Paper Shredding Company

When it comes to keeping your personal or business documents safe and secure, paper shredding is a key component of any data protection plan for Delaware-based businesses. Choosing the right local Delaware paper shredding company isn’t always an easy task. It can become overwhelming trying to figure out which one is best suited for your

The History of Document Destruction

When it comes to paper shredding, your thoughts may first go to things like taxes, information security, and data destruction. You probably aren’t thinking too much about the history of paper shredding. But, document destruction has had a fascinating history that spans the globe and includes inventions that never came to light and hidden propaganda.

5 Ways to Protect Your Data While Returning to the Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to temporarily close their doors and send their employees home to work remotely. However, as the world continues to reopen, many companies are starting to bring their employees back into the office. While this is a welcome return to normalcy for many, it also comes with some risks.

5 Key Data Protection Strategies

U.S. businesses and consumers have never been at greater risk of data breaches than today. In an increasingly mobile world, people use their phones and other devices to shop, browse social media, and perform other daily tasks. This activity generates a lot of data, and businesses and advertisers are working hard to collect it. Just

Your Paper Shredding Questions, Answered

It’s natural to have a lot of questions when it comes to paper shredding and how to best protect your documents. After all, it’s your private information that is at risk should documents containing confidential data fall into the wrong hands. At PROSHRED® Delaware we believe that there should be full transparency when it comes

What is Purge Shredding, and Does Your Business Need It?

Do you have a bunch of old papers you need to get rid of, but don’t want to throw in the trash? You may be familiar with office shredding machines, which are meant to help office employees destroy documents and files they no longer need in order to keep sensitive business or personal information confidential.

Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Shredding

If your idea of paper shredding is using a small, noisy office paper shredder to slowly cut paper into strips while you sit and feed the documents through, it’s time to enter the 21st century. Shredding has come a long way since the days where every office had to have its own shredding machine in

What Kind of Shredding Do I Need?

Every business in Wilmington has its own individual requirements, but all have one thing in common: the need to protect the information of their clients and themselves.  In such a busy city, the potential is high for information theft, industrial espionage and unscrupulous use of a company’s confidential knowledge and data. In fact, there are

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