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July 7, 2016

10 Great Reasons to Hire a Professional On Site Shredding Service

With competition between businesses growing rapidly, safeguarding the sensitive and internal information is of paramount importance. No matter how securely you store the information digitally on servers; there is some crucial information still available in paper form that can be used against you or your client.

Dumping these documents without destroying their content poses a risk to personal and corporate security. In addition, businesses in South East Texas that don’t have a proper plan in place to protect consumer documents are likely to attract heavy fines due to non compliance with Texas state and federal law.

Why hire a professional on-site document shredding company?

Hiring a bonded, licensed contractor for onsite document shredding can save you a lot of time and money, not to mention keep you compliant. Keeping that in mind, here are top 10 reasons for hiring a professional document shredding service:

1.Hiring a professional service allows your business to retain its productivity

In cases where you have a lot of documents to shred, taking a worker off his or her work and assigning them something that can take up valuable time to complete only slows down the productivity.

2.The possibility of in-house security leaks is reduced

No matter how trustworthy your employees are, assigning the job of shredding private documents to an individual grants him access to confidential information. With a written information disposal policy in place, your company mistigates the risk of legal ramifications due to potential information breachs. Hiring an NAID AAA and ISO 9001 certified company is the best option when it comes to preventing in house leaks of information due to not properly destroying paperwork.

3. There is a need to follow safety guidelines

Based on the kind of shredding process you plan to follow, your business will be held liable if one of your employees has an accident. PROSHRED Security has professionals that are trained in this work, background checked, and insured… making it less likely for there are any mistakes and your information is properly destroyed and disposed of.

4.Your confidential documents are destroyed onsite in a safe and secure manner

Using an office shredder does not guarantee the same accuracy and security that you receive when a professional shredding company like PROSHRED handles the job onsite. Hiring a professional document shredding business makes sure that all your critical data is destroyed in a secure manner and there is nothing left behind. As a token of reassurance, a NAID AAA certified company will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction on successful completion of the process.

5.Hiring a professional document shredding business is convenient

Many businesses like PROSHRED provide you with lockable storage/security bins where you can securely store your paper to be shredded between regular scheduled service visits. This eliminates the risk of your records being stolen. After you have communicated the date you want the process to be carried out, the document shredding company will arrive at your premises and complete the chain of custody by destroying all of your paperwork curbside before leaving with your destroyed material.

6.Saves you money

Hiring a documents destruction/paper shredding company is very cost effective. You don’t have to deal with the repair and replacement costs of an office shredder that’s operated in-house. Your employees can continue generating business for your firm rather than shifting their focus to shredding tasks. In addition to that, a shredding company can do this job in much less time compared to what it would take your employees to do. Also you have a written record via the certificate of destruction provided, establishing a pattern of destroying material on a regular schedule. When you save time, achieve compliance, and you also save money!

7. You don’t need to spend time preparing the documents

Using an office document shredder is often cumbersome as it takes a lot of work to prepare the documents before they are shredded. If these documents are not prepared well, they can often jam the machine. With a professional paper shredding company, you don’t have to be bothered about things like removing clips, staples and other materials before the actual shredding process starts.

The shred containers they provide are equipped with a mechanism that makes sure that your documents are safe. In case your containers are full, all you will need to do is call the company and they will schedule a truck to come to your location to destroy the documents. Also with a company focused on customer service, you will get the opportunity to choose additional on call service when needed. with no additional out of schedule service fees.

8. You get the opportunity to benefit from other services offered by the company

Many professional shredding services offer additional services such as Hard drive shredding, IT asset disposal, or even obsolete product destruction.  Getting multiple services from one company also may qualify you for additional discounts.

9. You keep your business compliant by completing the chain of custody

In the U.S and most European countries, it is the legal responsibility of a business to protect the personally identifiable information of their clients and employees. The Federal Trade Commission has the power to hold businesses responsible for data breach and theft through the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA). Failing to employ adequate security measures to protect and properly dispose of confidential information is in itself a crime. Outsourcing to a Onsite destruction company completes the chain custody and you get to verify your information is destroyed before it leaves your facility.

10. All the destroyed documents are recycled

Professional businesses like PROSHRED®, not only destroy your documents in a safe and secure manner, but also recycle the material they destroy.  When you shred with PROSHRED®, you are informed about the number of trees you have saved and what your business is doing to contribute to the protection of the environment. Every PROSHRED® scheduled client is provided with an annual Tree saver certificate and EPA report. This assists a company in demonstrating their corporate responsibility initiatives and demonstrate how your company is making difference by making our planet a better place to live.



Loss of sensitive information can cost your business substantially. It is highly important that you have proper mechanism in place to securely dispose of sensitive information and achieve legislative compliance. Destroying sensitive information through onsite shredding and recycling is the best way to make sure your information does not reach someone who could misuse it. In addition, it is illegal to not safeguard the private information of clients, potential clients and/or employees.  Failing to do so could translate into hefty fines and additional government sanctions. Hiring an onsite document shredding company like PROSHRED Security is the best way to protect you and/or your company by properly disposing of such sensitive data in a safe and secure manner.

At PROSHRED®, we offer additional information destruction solutions. Our services include scheduled document shredding, one time purge service, hard drive shredding, secure electronics recycling, and obsolete inventory destruction. We are the the only on site shredding company in North America that has achieved both the NAID AAA and ISO 9001 certifications. Our ultimate objective is to provide you with an effective document management solution that keeps your business efficient, organized and more importantly, compliant. For shredding services in South East Texas/ Houston Metro area, call our local office @ 832-947-5700 or 1-87-PROSHRED for the nearest PROSHRED® location in your area.

PROSHRED® Security: Document and Hard Drive destruction at your door. We are the information destruction experts.


Written By Brock E. Bruce, President, PROSHRED of Houston



Brock Bruce

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