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Business Shredding

Today, companies both large and small need to take control of their customer, employee and business information. Confidential data is protected under privacy legislation, and businesses may need to implement new processes to prevent unauthorized access to documents that contain this type of information.

PROSHRED® of Houston’s mobile shredding services supply companies a safe and conservative method of shredding confidential documents. Our flexible and cost-effective process is also successful in protecting private information and maintaining compliance with legislation. We also help our customers avoid security breach ordeals, as they could cause a negative outlook on your business. Most importantly, we provide you and your company with a peace of mind.

Medical Record Shredding & Destruction

The majority of healthcare and medical specialists know the importance of properly shredding medical records in order to protect the confidentiality of patients. Healthcare professionals and specialists in general, deal with a patient's most sensitive information and personal details on a regular basis. Patients trust you to maintain their privacy, therefore it’s imperative that records are managed properly with gentle care at all times. When patient records are being disposed, it is crucial that the destruction process is performed with the highest level of security and care.

Financial Record Shredding

Financial facilities and institutions look after highly valuable information surrounding individuals and companies. Financial companies themselves print and discard numerous documents every month that contain important monetary data that should be protected. With this in mind, it is highly important that all financial data records are properly destroyed and shredded by professionals when it is time to dispose of the documents.

Legal Record Shredding & Document Destruction

In order to keep client documents safe, you need a quality legal record shredding provider you can rely on. You depend on your clients, therefore, their confidentiality is a key role in the trust of your law firm. An experienced legal document destruction company can make sure your client files maintain their privacy before and after destruction. Once your legal documents are ready to be properly destroyed, contact PROSHRED® of Houston get started.


Home Office Shredding Services

With an increasing number of employees and staff members traveling, working flex hours and doing business from home, sensitive documents have a higher chance of leaving the business office. As a result, your organization risks a confidentiality breach if certain precautions are not taken. Privacy legislation applies at home and wherever else your employees are working. These laws mandate companies to follow procedures that work towards safeguarding sensitive information both inside and outside of the typical business setting.

Residential Document Shredding Services

PROSHRED® of Houston has designed a favorable residential file shredding system. With our residential document shredding solution, you eliminate the risks of discarding private and at-home document material. By shredding your papers and documents that contain self-identifying information, you don’t have to worry about identity theft and other privacy risks.

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