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July 7, 2016

How to go Clutter Free for the Long Term

Clutter can accumulate into heaps within days and for some people, it can be quite a burden to deal with. After all, those stacks of paper, boxes of who knows what, envelopes of mail, and shelves of random and seemingly important stuff all have a reason as to why they even exist in the first place. Otherwise, you would have already come up with a detailed to-do list with a million tasks lined up, e.g. buy a machine for paper shredding in Houston that offices usually rely on to reduce clutter. Why is clutter even there, if all we want is an organized space, right?

According to counselor Barbara Sher, everything you keep in your space calls to you. “There isn’t an item in your house that isn’t talking to you. It’s saying, ‘clean me, read me, fold me, finish me, take me to Aunt Jane’s house, answer me, write me,’” she said. Barbara clarifies that clutter has no potential.  She notes, “Clutter makes you feel like a failure, because you never get it under control. It makes you feel guilty because you’re not trying hard to clear out that stuff.”

So how do we deal with clutter? Bring out your paper shredding equipment, your garbage bag and your boxes, because Barbara has some practical tips on how to cut down on clutter effectively.

Barbara explains that people have the tendency to ruin a perfect Sunday by devoting it to clearing out accumulated junk. A better way to deal with clutter is to do the Toss Ten Things trick— regularly throw out ten things in your space that you do not need. While brushing your teeth, you can also look into your medicine cabinet.

While waiting for some documents to be printed, you can go through stacks of paper and shred documents you no longer need and cannot recycle using your paper shredding tool. This trick does not have to be a chore and will help reduce your clutter in the long-term.

Clutter is also a result of things with sentimental value. Some examples of these are movie tickets from decades past, books you have never read but tend to keep because you received them from someone special, or figurines and novelty items that have a story behind them. Why hold on to the past when you can create new memories?

Barbara believes that the best way to handle this type of clutter is to pass them on to someone else. That way, you know that they landed on good hands. As for really old movie tickets, either recycle them or simply shred them using a reliable tool for paper shredding that Houston shops are selling.

To sum it up, clutter is pointless. It will only leave you feeling unproductive. It is time to handle your clutter and visit a Houston paper shredding store to help you say goodbye to the unnecessary heaps of paper sitting on your desk and to all the stuff you no longer need.

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