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July 31, 2023

The Importance of Using A Secure Shredding Console in Your Office

In today’s digital world, it’s easier than ever for criminals to steal personal information from banks, medical offices, and even restaurants. Whenever you use your credit or debit card, there’s always a possibility, albeit small, that hackers are trying to steal your PIN and account information.

One place where personal data should be safe is the office. But that isn’t necessarily the case because employer data breaches are one of the most common sources of identity theft cases. As a business owner and employer, you have a responsibility to your customers and employees to protect personal and identifying information from scammers and other malicious elements. You can do this by utilizing shredding services like PROSHREDⓇ Houston’s document shredding service which uses our mobile shredding trucks and secure shredding consoles. Read on to learn why keeping personal information secure is essential and how utilizing a secure shredding console is the first step in any data protection plan.

What is a secure shredding console?

We all know the rise of identity theft and other crimes committed using stolen information is a major problem in today’s society. Criminals will do anything to steal your information, and that includes stealing your mail and digging through your trash. That’s why keeping documents that have sensitive information safe is of the utmost importance for you and your company.

A secure shredding console is a container with a three-point locking system that holds the documents you want to be shredded. At PROSHREDⓇ Houston, our shredding consoles are given to you as a part of our document shredding service and are easy to clean and made of 100% recycled plastic. Not only are they compact in size, but they are ergonomically designed and JCAHO compliant, meaning your patients’ information is secure and protected.

shredding console

Why choose a secure shredding console over a tote?

If you run a small business, have limited space, or have a home office used for interactions with customers and clients, then a secure shredding console is a great option for keeping documents safe. With its compact design, a shredding console can fit almost anywhere in your office space, and due to its design are quicker for our service technicians to service, meaning less disruption for your and your office staff.

Larger security bins or totes are still a good idea if you have lots of documents to shred; however, they can be unwieldy and difficult to move between scheduled paper shredding services if they become full. Plus, if you have limited space or use your office to see customers, a large storage container is the last thing anyone wants to look at, which could have a negative impact on you and your business.

Why can’t I shred my own documents?

Many individuals and small business owners use small personal shredders to safeguard personal information, but that doesn’t mean that it always works. As we mentioned previously, criminals will do anything to steal your information, and unless you’re using professional shredding services, you’ll never be sure your documents can’t be pieced back together.

A professional document shredding company does more than shred your documents. We use a multi-step process, which means your documents are pulverized and cannot be put back together. We’re so confident in our process that we offer our customers a Certificate of Destruction. This certificate states the destruction’s time and date and ensures your business complies with state and federal privacy laws like HIPAA and FACTA. Shredding your own documents is time-consuming and risky, so why take the chance?

Ready to Try a Secure Shredding Console in Your Office? Contact PROSHREDⓇ Houston Today!

PROSHREDⓇ Houston has been the leader in providing quality shredding services to large commercial businesses and small business owners throughout the greater Houston area for many years. Our friendly staff of trained technicians make the security of your documents their number one priority and take pride in their jobs, meaning you can feel confident that whatever documents or other items you need destroyed will be done so completely.

When it’s time to schedule paper shredding for your home or business, we hope you’ll consider PROSHREDⓇ Houston as your first choice. Whether you’re looking for an expert shredding service or drop off paper shredding in Houston, as a leader in the shredding industry our priority is providing quality document shredding at an affordable price. Contact us today for a one-time purge or ask about any of our products, including our secure shredding consoles. We can’t wait to serve you!

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