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November 30, 2016

Keep Your Houston Office Organized with a One-time Purge

Have you recently noticed that your Houston office is becoming too cluttered?  Perhaps desks are covered with files and in general, there seems to be a lack of organization. If so, this might be the perfect opportunity to turn your office around!  Unless documents are being referenced and used on an ongoing basis, records that are no longer relevant should be collected for secure shredding. Keep your filing cabinets, drawers, and general office space clean and in order for important business matters only. Cluttered paperwork is a security threat and it can cause a significant distraction, taking away from employee productivity.   Moving to a different office? A large one-time cleanout service may be exactly what you need!

For your security and peace of mind, we highly suggest that you take advantage of our reliable purge shredding services. A purge clean-out service is a perfect opportunity to safely rid of these old records, whether you have plans to relocate or not.

Identity Theft

Quick and Easy Scheduling

At PROSHRED in Houston,  is the top choice when searching for “paper shredding near me.”  Our shredding equipment is designed with industry-leading technology that allows the shredding of your documents to take place in a matter of minutes.  Save your employees the hassle and extensive time that’s needed for in-house shredding to take place. You have more important business matters to focus on then dedicating time to operating a shred machine. We are the experts after all; allow us to assist your business!

Regain Valuable Office Space

Tired of sorting through endless records to locate that particular? We don’t blame you. Why not rearrange your storage space and remove any boxes and cabinets that are currently in use. No messy desks, no overflowing cabinets! Who doesn’t want an orderly, clutter-free work environment that encourages great work ethic?

Compliant Shredding

After the purge shred job is complete, we’ll provide your Houston business with a Certificate of Destruction. This document is legal evidence that all information has been shred in compliance with privacy legislation.

All Paper is Recycled

PROSHRED Houston is dedicated to sustainable practices, and we do our best in preserving our environment. We will take your shredded material to a local recycling facility, where every last particle is recycled into new paper products.

For additional information get in touch with your local Houston paper shredding company. 832-947-5700

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