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PROSHRED®, a mobile on-site shredding company in Columbus, provides the most secure and cost-effective method to destroy your business's sensitive papers. With our on-site shredding services, we can securely shred your documents while ensuring that your business is compliant with any legislation regarding document disposal measures.

Medical Record Shredding in Columbus

When medical records are destroyed, it is critical that they be done so with the greatest care and professionalism to protect others' privacy. Healthcare and medical practitioners understand the significance of maintaining patient confidentiality, which is covered by laws such as HIPAA. Your mobile shredding company should follow the same guidelines imposed upon medical facilities, which is why many medical professionals turn to PROSHRED® Columbus for shredding services.

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Financial Record Shredding

Some of the most important records and sensitive information regarding both individuals and businesses are kept by financial organizations. When these papers are destroyed, it is critical that they be handled with the greatest degree of care possible. Financial centers are required to follow strict guidelines when it comes to getting rid of stacks of papers, which requires the help of a top-rated document destruction service, such as PROSHRED® Columbus.

Legal Record Shredding

Your law firm needs a document destruction company that you can trust to safely and securely shred all of your legal papers. The success of your legal practice is based on how well you can ensure the privacy of client information and maintain the trust of your clients. You have worked hard to gain the reputation you have, don't let that go to waste. Contact PROSHRED® Columbus today!

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Home Office Shredding

Today, more people than ever are working remotely or establishing home-based businesses, meaning private company documents are substantially more likely to contribute to security breaches. Protecting these documents is vital to the continued success of your business, and PROSHRED® can help! We specialize in secure shredding of all records and paper documents for home-based businesses throughout Columbus.

Residential Shredding

The need for Columbus citizens to safeguard their anonymity when disposing of confidential papers from their homes is vital. Through the on-site mobile destruction trucks provided by PROSHRED®, we offer home shredding services that will leave you without a doubt about the security of your information. Our team of data security experts can eliminate large amounts of sensitive material from your home. Contact us today to learn more about our Columbus residential paper shredding services.


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