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Professional Shredding Companies – A Better Business Choice

Why Professional Shredding Companies are the Key to Success Professional shredding companies are a great option for businesses looking to improve their organization by making very simple yet effective changes to everyday tasks. Changing daily actions as simple as putting a confidential document into a different bin for shredding not only saves your company valuable

Shredding Services: Which Service is the Best Solution?

Choosing the Best Fit for Your Shredding Service Needs Many businesses across the Miami metropolitan area collect a considerable amount of private and sensitive information over time. While some data needs to be retained for a limited period of time, other data must be destroyed in a safe, secure manor. After all, everything from a

Why Choose the Pros for Sensitive Document Disposal

The Key to Secure Sensitive Document Disposal Sensitive document disposal is something that can’t be taken lightly in the office setting. Information belonging to clients gets passed around for various transactions to take place within  different departments and possibly other entities. For this reason, there are a set of guidelines and best practices that responsible businesses

Top Ways Executives Lead Information Security

Information Security Comes from the Top Down A staggering statistic shows that only 45% of boards participate in information security strategy according to PwC’s 2016 survey over the State of Security. Stakeholders of a company should be the forefront of policy and preparedness when facing information security.   The Magnitude of Leadership   Information Breach

The Facts of Identity Theft & How Secure Paper Shredding Can Protect You

$51,000 Taken Away: The Facts of Identity Theft & How Secure Paper Shredding Can Protect You!   From the Naples Herald: A man was arrested by Police in Fort Myers who was believed to be responsible for over 100 cases of identity theft. The suspect was pulled over for a routine traffic stop, but officers discovered

Have You Considered Your Online Security?

The majority of us are online on a daily basis, whether for work purposes or for leisurely reasons. We use the internet to shop, communicate, socialize research, perform our job roles, and much more. It’s truly an invaluable tool that we have all come to love, but with it, unfortunately, does come risks that are

Document Shredding Improves Security and Environmental Sustainability

As a leading document destruction company in Miami, we know that one of the prime motives for companies to shred paper is because of security and the protection of privacy.  After all, with identity theft cases on the rise here in Florida, it’s simply imperative that business owners adopt a regular shredding program for the

Stay Safe with Secure Paper Shredding this Tax Season

Stay Safe this Tax Season with Secure Paper Shredding Services from PROSHRED® Miami That time of year has quickly approached us again; Tax Season. If you’re like most people and businesses across the United States, you are likely spending your time sorting through dozens of highly sensitive and personal documents. Although it can be a stressful time

Replace Your Office Shredder with Professional Paper Shredding

By now, the majority of organizations understand the importance behind smart document disposal practices. At a time where identity theft and fraudulent activity continues to dominate our news stories, there is no question that document shredding is a critical aspect in ensuring you’re not victimized by these crimes. As a business owner, it is essential

Stop Fraud from Occurring in Your Miami Workplace

Fraud is a real concern and unfortunately it’s a growing crime that can take place in several ways, making it difficult to pinpoint in time. Fraud targets all industries and all companies of any size; it can be executed in the form of theft, forgery, computer crime, and other “white collar” crimes. If your Miami

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