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Product Destruction

Just like old documents and hard drives, sensitive items such as uniforms, recalled products, outdated packaging and medical materials can put your organization at risk. PROSHRED® Washington D.C proudly offers secure product destruction services, which can ensure that unused or outdated apparel such as law enforcement uniforms and branded or employee apparel cannot reach the general public.

Additionally, our product destruction services, including product incineration, are perfect for the destruction of confidential non-paper items such as medical packaging and supplies and promotional material. PROSHRED® Washington D.C. provides safe and secure product incineration services, so you never have to worry about the worst case scenario.

PROSHRED employee standing behind a shredding truck.

How Product Destruction Can Benefit Your Business

Every industry and organization can benefit from professional product destruction, especially when it comes to protecting your reputation. Businesses and organizations that provide quality service and pay attention to detail are more likely to retain customers for a longer period of time, and part of that is being mindful of how company materials are being used and disposed of.

At PROSHRED®️, our services are designed to:

  • Protect your brand’s reputation
  • Prevent unauthorized access to your facilities
  • Mitigate risk and liability
  • Safeguard intellectual property
  • Increase information security

We provide product destruction services in Washington D.C. for all kinds of organizations, from medical offices to government buildings to small businesses.

Protect Your Brand Reputation

Every successful company succeeds because they pay attention to their reputation. That means providing excellent customer service, creating quality products or services, and protecting client and customer information.

Defective or recalled products can make their way back into circulation without a company’s knowledge. This can jeopardize the reputation of the organization as well as open the door to future liability. Any items which are not disposed of through a secure destruction process become exposed to criminal elements especially when the items are landfilled, or “thrown away,” to a facility where they can be rummaged through.

Because of this, it’s important to pay attention to how you dispose of old products like unsold merchandise, outdated uniforms, and intellectual property. At PROSHRED®️, we can dispose of those items effectively and provide complete destruction through industrial incineration, so your company can continue to be recognized for quality products.

PROSHRED employee entering a truck.
Secure Product Shredding

Prevent Unauthorized Access

For many companies, security is the key to their success. Whether you use security cards or have uniformed guards on your property, it’s important that only authorized employees have access to the information in your office.

However, what if one misplaced uniform or security badge ended up in the wrong hands? Criminals can use these stolen items to access your office and learn private information that is vital to your company, or to steal important and expensive assets.

Using our secure shredding or incineration processes, PROSHRED®️ is able to destroy old security items so that you never have to worry about unwanted visitors.

Mitigate Risk and Liability

Do you handle important information for your customers? Many companies handle a large amount of private information including social security numbers, financial information, or medical documents. Improper disposal of professional documents can lead to identity theft, which not only affects your reputation, but your business could be liable for the damage.

PROSHRED®️ is here to make sure that these items are handled safely and professionally, so that you never have to worry about company or customer information ending up in the wrong hands.

PROSHRED trucks in a line on the road.

What products put your company at risk?

Most companies don’t know which products can be thrown away and which need to be professionally destroyed.

At PROSHRED®️, we’re here to dispose of any item that might pose a threat for your company if stolen. Some of these items include:

  • Uniforms and apparel
  • Security badges
  • X-rays and medical records
  • Prescription bottles
  • Driver’s licenses, ID cards, and bank cards
  • Labels and packaging
  • Recalled products or equipment
  • Defective items
  • License plates

Don’t see your items on this list? Get in touch with us today about your product destruction needs.


Schedule Product Destruction Services in D.C.

For ultimate brand security, PROSHRED®️ is here to meet your needs. Let us handle your old products and documents so you can focus on the bigger picture. Call PROSHRED®️ Washington D.C. today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Product Destruction

Based on the items requested for destruction, they will either be shred or brought to a secure incineration facility. Contact PROSHRED® Washington D.C. for more information on your secure product destruction needs.

For production destruction services near you, contact PROSHRED® Washington D.C. at 301-652-0005. We offer product destruction for apparel, branded packaging, or data-containing multimedia in the greater Washington area.

Any item which contains company or institution insignia and/or logos can create security risks if not destroyed at the end of its desired lifecycle. Additionally, medical and commercial packaging often contains confidential information. Contact PROSHRED® Washington D.C. for more information on secure product destruction.

Destroying uniforms is an important step in protecting your brand and overall security of your organization. Contact PROSHRED® Washington D.C. for more information on our Product Destruction services.

PROSHRED® Washington D.C. provides secure product destruction services to destroy I.D. badges and other confidential material. Give us a call to learn more about how our Product Destruction services can protect your organization.

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