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Product Destruction Services

PROSHRED®️ Washing DC has a reputation for confidential product destruction services. For non-paper items that can't be shredded by our document destruction process, we provide secure incineration services. Products we can destroy include uniforms or apparel with trademarked logos, branded packaging, outdated product labels, and just about any other materials that contain sensitive information. We partner with the secure incineration plants to deliver confidential and streamlined product destruction for businesses and private or public organizations.

PROSHRED employee entering a truck.

Why Should You Incinerate Certain Products?

Some products or materials contain sensitive information that you don’t want to risk getting out into the public. Examples of materials that should be destroyed include apparel, non-viable food or product labels, certain promotional items that don’t advertise your company’s current branding, military or government uniforms that could be used to impersonate an employee, or any products that can’t be safely disposed of in a public trash or recycling facility. For products that need secure destruction and disposal, our company offers professional incineration services.

Industries We Serve

Washington, DC, is home to many agencies, organizations, and businesses that could use product destruction services. Here are some of the industries we serve along with the types of materials that we incinerate.

  • Medical Facilities – Prescription containers, labels, and other non-paper materials that may contain protected health information.
  • Manufacturers – Branded packaging related to secure or exclusive industries can weaken the brand’s image or the exclusive nature of the products or services the manufacturer offers. Labels for perishable food items also require secure destruction.
  • Businesses – Data stored on tapes or disks can contain sensitive business information or personnel files.
  • Law Enforcement or Military – Any uniforms related to a law enforcement agency or military branch should be destroyed to prevent impersonation. Items we can incinerate include shirts and pants, boots, helmets, body armor, riot gear, and other materials containing the insignia of the police or armed services.
  • Non-Profit Organizations – A non-profit organization should protect its reputation and brand by destroying any old promotional products that contain outdated images or information.
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Types of Products We Can Destroy

If an item can be shredded, it can typically be destroyed with our product destruction services. Some exceptions are caustic or explosive materials. Examples of products we incinerate include:

  • Uniforms and Apparel – Protect your company or organization’s branded by preventing apparel or uniforms from circulating in public.
  • X-rays and Other Medical Records – Ensure the HIPAA-compliant disposal of medical records and X-rays.
  • Prescription Bottles – Since plastic items can’t be shredded, we can incinerate plastic pill bottles that contain patient information.
  • Driver’s Licenses, ID Cards, and Bank Cards – Prevent identity theft by properly destroying expired bank cards and forms of identification.
  • Labels and Packaging – If your company creates labels and packaging that feature sensitive information, make sure it’s safely disposed of through product destruction.
  • Recalled Products or Equipment – Make sure recalled products and equipment are removed from circulation.

How Much Does Product Destruction Cost?

We charge for product destruction services based on the type and quantity of materials being incinerated. Every job has unique factors that influence the price. For an accurate estimate, we recommend contacting us to discuss what products you need destroyed.

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Schedule Product Destruction Services in the DC Metro Area

PROSHRED®️ Washington DC is a leading provider of secure, confidential product destruction for businesses, organizations, and other agencies. Contact us to learn more about product destruction or schedule service today.

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