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January 26, 2018

Benefits of Secure Shred Bin Services

I’ll Just Let this Pile Up…

Sometimes when we have a few papers they just get set down on the corner of a desk or atop a filing cabinet. As more come in they get added to the pile and what was a simple stack of papers, steadily creeps up and up. Eventually you’ll realize a better solution is needed to store these files that aren’t the desk corner or the dusty top of that old file cabinet. The next step might be dumping everything into a drawer and locking it, maybe a shoe box placed on the top shelf of a dark closet. Out of site out of mind one may think, problem solved!

It really isn’t though. Storing files in this way is neither organized nor secure. Not only are they easy to “misplace” but similar files will no doubt end up all over the place instead of a central location. This naturally leads to issues of compliance with privacy laws and ensuring your clients’ peace of mind.

So what can be done?


A Simple and Effective Solution

The two issues that need to be solved are security and organization. Both affect each other and are essential components when dealing with sensitive documents. Fortunately, secure shred bins solve both hurtles. As a lockable container, they ensure sensitive documents are protected while they await disposal, keeping them away from prying eyes or sticky fingers. As an organization tool, they are a simple and effective way to ensure employees know what to do with confidential files.

These bins are also discrete, blending into an office environment with ease. Being placed in key areas around an office makes them easy to access while staying out of the way. Increasing the efficiency of disposing sensitive documents will help to raise employee productivity. A win-win for all companies.


What Happens When it’s Full?

Eventually that time will come. The bin is full, what to do? Fortunately this is also a simple answer. If you’re using a shred bin provided to you by a shredding company, like PROSHRED Tampa, chances are good you’ve already signed on to have them come by on a designated schedule to empty and shred the contents of each bin. With a secure bin and secure shredding services in place, ensuring peace of mind and compliance will be a simple process for companies of all sizes to accomplish.

When you want to keep your records stored securely while awaiting destruction, contact PROSHRED Tampa for a secure shredding bin.

Choose PROSHRED Tampa. 1-813-864-6433

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