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PROSHRED® Tampa Bay services the business industry

Business Shredding

Today, businesses of all sizes and industries are affected by privacy legislation and are obligated to take necessary measures to secure themselves from unauthorized access to sensitive information.

PROSHRED® Tampa Bay’s on-site shredding option and recycling service, offers businesses the most secure, flexible, simple, and cost-effective method for shredding sensitive documents. Our services safeguard confidential information and help to maintain legislation compliance, so clients will avoid breach-of-security situations that may lead to negative publicity.


PROSHRED® Tampa Bay services the medical industry

Medical Record Shredding & Destruction

Most health care and medical professionals understand the importance behind secure destruction of medical records, in an effort to safeguard patient privacy. Doctors and healthcare practitioners are entrusted with a patient’s most confidential personal information, therefore it must be handled with considerable care and professionalism.  With this is mind, when medical records are no longer relevant and are being disposed of,  it is extremely important that the record shredding process is managed and carried out with caution and professionalism.


PROSHRED® Tampa Bay services the financial industry

Financial Record Shredding

Financial institutions look after some of the most valuable details surrounding both individuals and organizations. Not only that, if you’re like most businesses you probably print and discard hundreds of financial documents each month that need to remain protected. It is therefore very critical that these financial records are securely shred when it is an appropriate time to rid of them.


PROSHRED® Tampa Bay services the legal industry

Legal Record Shredding Services

Your legal firm deserves a legal records shredding provider you can depend on. Remember that your clients are the lifeblood of your business, and your commitment to their privacy is a cornerstone of their trust in your business. An experienced and reputable legal record shredding company, will help to ensure your client’s information remains entirely confidential. When your legal records and documents need to be disposed of,  call PROSHRED® Tampa Bay to look after you.


PROSHRED® Tampa Bay services the home office industry

Home Office Shredding Services

Today more and more corporate employees are on the road travelling; whether they have flex hours or are working from home, this work schedule means that more often than not, an increase in private documents will leave the office, putting companies at a greater risk of a privacy breach. Privacy legislation applies to more than just an office setting; it also mandates that businesses implement specific procedures in an effort to constantly protect confidential information inside and outside of the office.


PROSHRED® Tampa Bay services the residential industry

Residential Shredding Services

As personal identity theft and corporate espionage are now two of America’s fastest growing crimes, PROSHRED® Tampa Bay has created a convenient residential paper shredding service that dramatically reduces the risks associated with the disposal of personal and home-office material, deemed private.


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