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PROSHRED Tampa offers a one-time purge service

Are you relocating or do you require a one-time clean out for old files? Regardless of how much you need shred PROSHRED® Tampa Bay will come to your specific location to securely shred your sensitive documents.



PROSHRED Tampa offers a one-time purge service

PROSHRED® Tampa Bay will supply customers with secure shred bins at no extra charge, which are serviced at your business or office on an ongoing, scheduled basis – there is no need to worry about contacting us for collection when the container is full!



PROSHRED Tampa offers a residential shredding service

Do you only have a small volume of documents to shred? Smaller amounts of documents can be dropped off at our Tampa facility directly, where all content will be professionally shred at a reasonable price.



PROSHRED Tampa offers a hard drive shredding service

In addition to shredding your sensitive paperwork and records, PROSHRED® Tampa Bay supplies hard drive destruction solutions for end-of-life-cycle computers and hard drives.


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No Fuel Surcharges

PROSHRED® Tampa Bay is one of few on-site shredding providers that will not charge additional fees for fuel, regardless of  where our clients are situated in our service area.

No Trip Fees

Unlike some shredding providers, PROSHRED® Tampa Bay does not charge any additional trip fees. You can expect one, simple and promised price.

Flat Fee Pricing (per container)

PROSHRED® Tampa Bay will charge a flat fee per container. What does that mean for you? We will not charge you by the pound (no concerns regarding the accuracy of the scale), by the minute (no worrying about the time spent), or by the box (no worrying about paying to destroy air in a half-empty box).


Locally Owned

PROSHRED® Tampa Bay’s local owners are far more flexible and responsive than nationally centralized organizations. We know and truly understand the local market dynamic, which means our customers are offered a more personal approach, while we continue to support the local economy.

Dedicated On-Site Service

PROSHRED® pioneered on-site shredding more than 30 years ago. Keep your confidential documents safe with well trained and responsive on-site shredding services that guarantee your information remains secure. 

Up To 25% Cheaper Than Internal Shredding

Shredding with the team at PROSHRED® Tampa Bay can be nearly 25% cheaper than doing the shredding in-house yourself. Savings stem from a significant reduction in personnel time, as nobody is needed to stand in front of a shredder for endless hours. It takes considerable time to feed sheets of paper into a shred machine, especially when all paper clips and staples must first be removed. You also save on the cost of a shredding machine,  and any repair or replacement that might be needed!

No Out-Of-Schedule Service Fees

Need to reschedule your service date? Not a problem; simply notify our team in advance and we will make the necessary adjustments.

No Management Fees

PROSHRED® Tampa Bay’s clients’ will never face any form of management fee. Several of our competitors charge this fee and do not notify you until after the service begins.

Community Focused

PROSHRED® Tampa Bay has always been pleased to operate and provide local service. From shredding at sporting events, to schools and office parks, our shred trucks are known by several community members throughout the United States.


Learn why you should be shredding your confidential documents and why PROSHRED® should be your first choice.


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