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One Time Cleanout

PROSHRED® Tampa Bay’s one-time cleanout, is a shredding option that is designed for businesses and residents looking for a single clean-out of their unwanted documents. Whether you only have a couple of boxes that require shredding or an entire warehouse full of old confidential material, our PROSHRED® Tampa on-site trucks will come to your location and shred all your documents immediately, and do so with little time involved.

Affordable With No Hidden Charges

This service option is extremely affordable, and PROSHRED® Tampa Bay always has trucks available on stand-by specifically for purge or one-time shredding requests. As always, there are no contracts needed for clean-out shredding, and unlike the majority of our competitors, we will not charge clients for fuel surcharges or charge other hidden fees.

PROSHRED® Tampa Bay’s State-Of-The-Art Shredding Trucks

PROSHRED® Tampa Bay is proud to operate industry leading, on-site shred trucks. Some of our mobile shredding trucks are capable of shredding as much as 2 tonnes of paper per hour! This efficiency means PROSHRED® Tampa Bay can be in and out of your business location in a matter of minutes, all while ensuring your confidential documents are securely shred. Regardless of how many boxes our clients might have, our Customer Service Professionals (CSPs) will never physically handle your sensitive documents – our shredding process is completely touch-free!

100% Of Your Documents Are Recycled

After all your sensitive documents are shred and 100% destroyed, our Customer Service Professionals (CSPs) will supply you with a certificate of destruction as written indication that the destruction occurred properly and in total compliance. PROSHRED® Tampa Bay will then take all shredded particles to a local recycling facility where 100% of the paper is recycled.

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