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May 19, 2021

The Death of the Office Shredder

The Death of the Office Shredder

If you’re still using an old, outdated office paper shredder to destroy sensitive documents at your workplace, you’re probably wondering if there is a better way. This task is no one’s favorite: office shredders are loud, inefficient, and messy. They tend to break easily and need to be replaced often. You may even despise your office shredder so much that you avoid using it, instead letting old papers pile up or, even worse, throwing them straight in the recycling bin.

At PROSHRED® Tampa Bay, we know the struggle. But we’re also trained information security experts, and we know the threat that office shredders can be in the workplace. Efficiently and securely disposing of documents that contain sensitive information about your business, your employees, and even your clients is paramount for maintaining a good reputation both with the public and with the law. Between guidelines for how long you should retain records and regulations to how you should go about disposing of them, you can’t ignore that shredding is a great way to keep information out of the wrong hands.

Let go of everything you know about office shredding: there is a better way, and it starts with us.

Mobile Paper Shredding Tampa

What is on-going paper shredding?

For a customized, scheduled program that ensures your sensitive documents are destroyed on a regular basis, you’ll be interested in our on-going service. With this service, executive consoles are placed throughout your office space so that employees can have easy access to a secure place to collect confidential documents for shredding. On your scheduled date, a driver will bring a mobile shredding truck right up to your door. A customer service professional will collect your executive consoles and load them onto the truck, where an industrial shredding machine will turn them into confetti-sized pieces. You can watch this process happen by a screen mounted on the side of the truck, or you can go about your day knowing that your documents are being securely shredded on-site.

When the shredding is complete, we’ll hand you a certificate of destruction that certifies your documents were shredded and when, and then take the shredded paper to a recycling facility. It’s that easy!

Benefits of Mobile Shredding Services

For us at PROSHRED® Tampa Bay, the best paper shredders to buy are not the ones you can find at the store. We invest in state-of-the-art shredding equipment so that our customers get the best of the best in terms of quality and service. But that’s not the only benefit of a professional mobile shredding service; we can think of a few others.

Mobile Shredding is More Cost Efficient

It’s our opinion that no one would waste time and money on an office shredder if they know how fast and cheap it can be to get mobile shredding services. For less than $2* a day, you can get a mobile shredding truck right at your door on a regular basis to collect, load, and shred your documents right before your eyes. This process is quick and easy, and many times our PROSHRED® associates are in and out of the office before our customers even know they’re there.

*Based on 8-week service frequency.

We Shred Any Amount of Paper

A lot of our new clients were under the assumption that they would need a large volume of paper or many boxes of documents for a shredding service to make sense. In fact, when we have a regularly scheduled shredding service set up for you, we come no matter how large or small the load is. Our goal is to be a convenient and hassle-free way for you to maintain security at your business, so we do our best to accommodate everyone.

Our Services Mean Fewer Waste Management Trips for You

If you’re shredding a large volume of paper, you’re also creating a lot of waste. That means lots of trips to the local landfill or full dumpsters that you have to deal with. When you use a professional shredding service from PROSHRED®, we not only take care of the loading and shredding of your sensitive documents, we also take the shredded paper straight to a local recycling facility where it gets turned into new paper products.

Learn More About Scheduled Paper Shredding Today

At PROSHRED® Tampa Bay, business paper shredding is big business. Information security and customer satisfaction are our biggest priorities, and we’ve made it our mission to be a leader in paper shredding, product destruction, and hard drive shredding services. If you’re looking to ditch your dusty old office paper shredder and join the 21st century, there is no better option than PROSHRED® Tampa Bay. To learn more about our services and get a free quote, give us a call today: 813-864-6433

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