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February 7, 2017

Dumpster Diving Often Leads to Identity Theft

Is it time to clear out your filing cabinets to make room for new files? While revisiting your cabinets and organizing your business records is an integral part of maintaining a clutter-free office, are you approaching the process properly? In other words, are you disposing of critical business information in a secure manner? It’s crucial that your old contracts, budgets, marketing plans, and customer lists are protected effectively. Your garbage should always remain free from these types of records, in an effort to maintain your security and to protect your employees and clients. Having these records in the garbage leaves confidential information right at the unwanted fingertips of dumpster divers. Develop a secure document shredding plan to ensure your information remains protected.

If you are like the majority of companies here in Tampa Bay, chances are you have made this mistake of tossing paperwork into a garbage can, or recycling bin on occasion. After all, it’s an easy mistake when you aren’t paying close attention. Remember that while your garbage bin may seem like an easy and practical solution for such a thing, disposing of your paperwork here can lead to several alarming consequences for a company. As a matter of fact, it’s an error that could lead to many problems for your company. Old content that is tossed away in a garbage bin can be collected and used to commit a crime fairly easily. If accessed by the wrong person, even the smallest tidbit of personal details could assist in committing information theft. Not only that, you are legally obligated to protect personal details relating to your employees and customers. Why put anyone in this risky position when you have the option to avoid it?

What is “Trash” to You, Might be a “Gold Mine” to Someone Else

You may be under the impression that nobody will want to take the time and effort sorting through trash in an effort to locate juicy information, but in reality, the opposite is true! As a Tampa Bay business owner, never underestimate what an identity thief is capable of achieving; especially if the intent is there. Often it’s those papers you believed were “acceptable” to throw out that wind up being valuable to a criminal. It’s the small, what seem to be “irrelevant” details, which provide the ammunition a criminal needs to hack into your bank account or apply for credit under your name.

The concerning aspect is that several of those credit card approval letters we loathe getting in the mail are discovered by criminals because they are tossed in the trash instead of being shredded appropriately. If and when this takes place, it’s simple for a thief to respond to the letter and simply reply with a different address. At the end of the day, if you are a business or resident of Tampa Bay and you are knowingly throwing away sensitive material, you’re putting an instant target on your back. What is “trash” to you might be a “gold mine” to somebody else.

Stop Identity Theft with These Helpful Suggestions

PROSHRED Tampa Bay will gladly handle your confidential records in a manner that guarantees your documents are irrecoverable for good. Our paper shredding process follows strict guidelines which help to keep your company, customers, and employees protected throughout every step of the way. PROSHRED Tampa Bay provides both onsite and offsite document destruction services. Both solutions are performed with the highest level of security and professionalism; you choose which option is best for you based on your specific needs, and we’ll make sure it happens.

Get in touch with our team for a free quote, or to speak to one of our experts in regards to a document shredding schedule that’s appropriate for your organization. Being pro-active is the best step towards fighting identity theft! When in doubt, turn to PROSHRED Tampa Bay to shred your sensitive records!

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