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September 20, 2016

How Hard Drive Destruction Benefits Your Tampa Business

Large corporations, medical offices, government agencies and other major organizations have many aspects in common when it comes to general business operations; one in particular that stands out is the way in which information is created, circulated, and stored. While hard copy documents continue to be used on an ongoing basis, electronic data keeping is increasing drastically, and will only expand as technology advances. How does this affect your company?   When you consider the amount of electronic data that is being generated and shared on a day-to-day basis, it’s simply critical that the information stored on hard drives remains protected and secure, at all times. This is of even greater importance once the information is no longer relevant to your company. Tossing these away does not provide sufficient protection to your company, employees, and clients.

As hard drive destruction specialists, we provide hard drive shredding to organizations throughout Tampa and nearby areas.  If you’re contemplating whether or not hard drive destruction is for you, let’s take a quick look at some of the many advantages of hard drive shredding, and why it’s the only reliable form of destruction:

When it comes down to it, hard drive destruction is not only smart business practice, it’s also a process that will reduce your risk of information theft and fraud, saving you stress and headache down the road.  With our destruction solutions, you can free up the space you’ve been using to store unused hard drives and use it for more practical purposes.  Office space is limited for most companies as it is, don’t make it more limited by storing unnecessary information in-house. Now you can use your office space for more effective purposes than storing away old hard drives. Lastly, hiring the experts at PROSHRED Tampa means you are taking the necessary preventative measures in protecting your company from threats associated with information theft and data breach. It can be very stressful and financially difficult to recuperate from information loss; don’t let it happen to your company, especially when we can help!

Allow the team at PROSHRED Tampa to assist you in ridding of your unwanted hard drives and other electronic media. Our destruction process is performed directly on your premises, through the use of our advanced, specialized shred trucks. Customers are welcome to watch the process firsthand for peace of mind and convenience. We promise to deliver expert service, backed by knowledge and qualifications that are of the highest in the industry.

Get in touch with us today to arrange your hard drive destruction service with us.

Call our team in Tampa at 1-813-864-6433.

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