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July 7, 2016

How To Dispose of a Hard Drive Properly

If you use computers or servers, at some point you will need to dispose of hard drives. If those drives contain sensitive or confidential information, what you do to prevent unauthorized access is vitally important. Most methods that claim to wipe the disk clean do not completely remove what is there. For some types of hard drives, new technology also has rendered ineffective a common technique known as “degaussing,” which uses powerful magnetic fields to disintegrate data and render the hard drive useless. Four methods, including secure hard drive shredding, have the capability to provide the security needed.

Melting or Incineration

Melting all components is effective, but this procedure can be difficult to carry out. If any internal chips or particles remain unfused from being melted, data thieves will be able to retrieve information stored there. Also, the melting process releases fumes that may be both toxic and flammable.

Incineration, which uses fire to reduce all components of the hard drive to ashes, must be carried out by companies that are certified. Not all service providers follow proper procedures to ensure thorough burning.

Punching, Crushing, Grinding and Pulverizing

The process of using a powerful press to punch and crush the hard drive before it is ground into pieces and then pulverized to produce particles so small that they resemble dust is extremely effective. Nothing is left that would have even a remote chance of providing data to information thieves. The only drawback to using such a complete process is that the powder contains both plastics and metals that could pollute the air, water or soil.

Shredding With an Automated Hard Drive Shredder

A hard drive shredder automatically rips through hard drives, cutting them into very small pieces. Some hard drives can be shredded whole. Others require punching, crushing or disassembling first. The advantage to automated, secure hard drive shredding is that it makes retrieving data impossible and all the shredded components can be recycled.

Accredited Hard Drive Destruction Services in Tampa, Florida

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