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July 4, 2016

Medical Waste Disposal

Hospitals, doctors’ offices, dental practices, veterinary clinics and blood banks all create medical waste in the course of treating their patients. It is vital that these health care practices dispose of their medical waste properly to protect public health.

Proshred Tampa has partnered with Red Bag, a medical waste disposal company, to help you take care of all of your collection, storage and disposal needs. Red Bag delivers all of the supplies you need to safely collect and store your medical waste. When you’re ready, you can schedule a time for Red Bag to come pick up the waste and dispose of it properly.

Medical Waste Regulations

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulate the safe use, collection and disposal of biomedical waste. Under OSHA regulations, medical waste cannot be thrown in the garbage as it poses a risk to trash collectors.

Medical waste disposal companies make it easy for businesses to comply with federal and state regulations. They provide the containers for safe and convenient collection of medical waste and will dispose of it properly.

Used Medical Needle Disposal

Used medical needles can spread dangerous diseases such as hepatitis and HIV. Improper medical needle disposal may expose sanitation workers and other members of the public to inadvertent needle stick injuries and create the possibility of infection if medical needle disposal containers break open or if the needles are mistakenly sent to a recycling facility.

Many businesses rely on medical waste disposal companies like Red Bag to collect and dispose of medical needles properly. Medical waste disposal companies provide sharps containers, collect them, and then dispose of the used needles safely.

Safe, Convenient and Reliable Medical Waste Disposal

If you run a business that produces medical waste, look no further than Proshred Tampa to help you with your business needs. Proshred Tampa partners with Red Bag to provide companies with a safe, convenient and reliable way to dispose of their medical waste.

The partnership with Red Bag allows Proshred Tampa to offer an abundance of services to hospitals, doctors’ offices, dental practices, veterinary clinics and other facilities that create medical waste. Proshred Tampa can take care of all of your disposal needs. From providing document storage, document shredding and medical waste disposal, Proshred Tampa will protect your company and your patients’ safety and confidentiality.

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