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One Time Document Purge

The massive success of our Operation Shredding community shred event has helped spread the word of secure document shredding within our community. This event gave people the perfect opportunity to come and dispose of those records that have been gathering dust for a while now. While these events are a great way to purge records, you don’t need to wait for new events to come up before clearing out files.

Cleaning Out the Clutter

The majority of people who come out to shred events are doing so for the benefit of a bulk file clean out. Often, they will do this once every few years (or decades in a few cases, uh-oh!), and dispose of a large quantity of documents all at once. While this is great, you should be aware that you don’t need to wait so long for shredding. PROSHRED Tampa offers a onetime cleanout service that will bring shredding right to your location.

The big benefit of this is you can have shredding carried out when you decide you need it, and not have to wait around for a new event to happen. The other benefit is that you don’t have to go out of your way to pack up and lug everything out to a shred location. Shredding trucks will come right to you! No need to leave papers piling up on desks or stashed in that old file cabinet because an event hasn’t occurred recently.

As always, be sure you are shredding any documents with sensitive information on them. Names, addresses, and phone numbers are examples of some simple details that need to be shredded. More sensitive material would be things like your medical records, credit information, and any child records you have copies of. If you must hold onto them for a specific time period, then be sure you’re doing it securely. Consider getting one of the secure bins we offer or another form of secure lockable container to store files in.

Getting a Clean Out

Getting a onetime purge of your records is super easy. Reach out to us and we’ll schedule a time that works best for you. We’ll be there and you can rest easy knowing things have been taken care of in a professional and secure manner.

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