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Operation Shredding: A Complete Success!

This Earth Day weekend saw well over 1500 people come out and experience the benefits of secure document and hard drive shredding. In just one day of shredding we destroyed over 78,545lbs of mixed paper, and old electronics like cell phones and hard drives. This event has had an incredible impact on the environmental impact of Tampa Bay, and the entire state of Florida.

arriving at operation shredding

Just how much has it helped?

In one day we helped to save 209 trees, 1,987 gallons of oil, 20,988 hours of electricity, and 62,885 gallons of water!

As the 9th consecutive shred event, Operation Shredding remains Florida’s largest and most successful shredding event. We hope to continue the exponential growth of this event in the years to come, and increase our impact on environmental sustainability, and protecting residents from the dangers of identity theft.

ABC news coverage of operation shredding

Thank you to ABC news for the excellent coverage of the event, and for spreading the word. Check out their excellent coverage here!

Another huge thanks to AllState for sponsoring the event!

We look forward to more events in the years to come! Be sure to keep an eye on out for shred event announcements in the future!

P.S: Check out the coolest guy to come on out to the event!

coolest operation shredding attendant

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